Ahhh…Darling and I’m done!

Dear Friends…

Happy happy NEW YEAR!

I know…we’re already well into the swing of 2013.  But I feel like I’m in post-holiday ‘slap back to reality’ stage.  Don’t you??   After seeming like I just barely got everything up and sparkly and looking festive, it was time to take it all down this week.   And the house feels and smells ‘normal’ again (instead of pine-scented and red and green)!


The real truth of the matter is I’ve been working on Valentine’s designs for a couple of months now.   An artist’s life is SO mixed up.   But I do love it.   Even if the Christmas cards still haven’t been sent (but dang they’re cute!).  And looming on top of the ‘MUST do it TODAY’ list (for the past week) has been ‘scrapbooking’ the Christmas family pictures taken this year.   I have to tell you…I have the most amazing family.  In that area, I am wildly blessed.  They’re fun, crazy, great, interesting people in every way and I adore them all.   So putting the pictures together should be a joy rather than a drudgery.    But I just don’t have a lot of time right now.  SO!!  I downloaded (yes…I have to do that too!) the Winter Wonder Album , added the photos, wrote the date and a little blurb and TA DAAAA  was finished in under 30 minutes.  It couldn’t have been easier and more darling.  I’m saving the entire ‘album’ as a PDF file and sending it to all my family.  And posting it on Facebook 🙂




Need to get  your winter/holiday photos put together without spending a ton of hours and time and money?  Then check the albums and DJ Digital Scrapbook section out.  I would love to see what YOU do with the sets and hear what you would like to see more of in digital scrapbooking from DJ Inkers.   This week…a page from the Winter Wonder Album is a FREEBIE!  So you can at least get one page done and see what I mean.


Heart, love and blessings for the BEST new year!




3 thoughts on “Ahhh…Darling and I’m done!

  1. i understand about the up and down of holiday decoration. I work in a public library and I have to put up and take down for two places.
    I do have a question, this year for our Summer Reading Program for children it is about underground whether it be rocks, gems, or animals do you have anything that might fit that area. While I like the art work from the national level, I like adding my own touches to my posters, screensavers, and such.

    • Ohhh! I envy your work Linda. How cool! Lucky you!! Have you checked out the Critter Craze CD? It has a ton of critters under/over/smiling that I think might work for your ‘extra touches’. Plus…the small rocks, designs, plants etc. that would tie it all together. Let me know how it works out for you. Best of luck and a trillion smiles! ~Dianne

      • I do have the best job in the world – Children’s Librarian at a public library I LOVE IT!!! I will check out the Critter Craze CD thank you for the reply – I will send pictures in the coming months.

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