Smile today!

Hooray!!  The weekend is finally here!


And to kick it off ‘right’…I wanted to send you a happy little thought we’d like to call:  ‘Smile Today.’  I’ve posted a few of these DJ Daily Smiles to our gallery, Facebook and Pinterest.  (I know the word ‘daily’ is deceiving…but DJ whenever-I-can-get-to-it just didn’t sound right!)  It makes me SO happy when I can pass on a smile and see them pop-up DJ Smile Today 5on all the social media places. I created this one with DJ Early Years Art (which is, happily, on SALE this week! Yeahoo!) and our NEW DJ Simple font.


Will you help me out?  Please leave me a comment on the DJ Blog with your favorite saying or quote. I’d love to use some of YOUR inspiring words to create future DJ Daily Smiles.  There’s a CONTEST below with a great prize involved if you DO!  ;)


If you want to create your own DJ Daily smile with your favorite DJ clip art and DJ fonts (ohhh please do!!), simply save it as a jpg and email it to  We will share it with the whole fabulous DJ world!


May your weekend be restful and full of whatever helps your recover from a long week!


Big heart and smiles to YOU!



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Sharing Smiles & a BIG DJ Inker’s Giveaway!

DJ Friends….


Hope your first weeks of 2014 are going absolutely fabulous!   I loved an ad I saw a few days ago that said ’HAPPY YOU YEAR‘!   In my head I thought “if only”…seems like everyone and everything gets attention before I give any to myself.  I’m sure you can relate.   But it IS a new year and new resolve that each day, one smile at a time, I can change the world.  It’s the one thing I know I can do each day for sure.


So I’m asking you to help me by joining the DJ Inker’s affiliate program!  Share the smiles with me.  It’s free & easy to do (call and talk to my darling Dee if you need help)!  I know many of you (especially teachers) have blogs and websites where you create amazing things and share with your friends… & that’s all you need to get started.  PLUS… you can earn a little extra money too!  It’s win-win!  Sharing the smiles is what it’s all about.  :)


And my next new TAAA-DA is…(drumroll please)!  A fantastic giveaway!  We (well, Alix my webmaster) finally figured out the little widget so entering is easy for YOU and we have a better selection process for our winner.  Yeahoo!  Because our Kidoodlez Language Arts collection is newly available as a DOWNLOAD, we thought we’d go all-out and give one away to one lucky winner.  Enter right away & tell your friends!Language Arts samples

It’s going to be a GREAT year.  We are so grateful for supportive and incredible customers like YOU!  A big grin and thanks for the comments and heart that you share with us!



Smiles & Heart!




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Happy Holiday Sale This Weekend!

Darling Friends…


Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!!

Hope you’re not in the same ‘turkey coma’ that I am!  Sheeze-o-peep.  I’m having a hard time getting myself in ‘gear’ today after all the family, food, friends and love one could ever hope for this Thanksgiving weekend.  This holiday is so SO great… and (let’s face it) so exhausting as well.  I’m tickled silly that most of my shopping is online and right here as I sit in my jammies and a plate of leftovers at my desk!  Hope you’re on the other side of the screen doing the same thing!


Just wanted to remind YOU…(because I love a little reminder as well) that the entire DJ Inker’s store is 25% off this weekend.  Every smile and cute creation at DJ Inker’s is on SALE!  Yeaaahooo!  We only do this once a year and know our loyal and supportive customers love this sale!  So click on over to DJ Inker’s and grab a lot of fun and fabulous grins!


Without sounding to repetitive… thank you.  For the heart, support, creating smile after smile with us.  I appreciate you.


Gratitude and big huge grins all DJ SALE weekend long!  (The sale ends Monday, December 2, 2013 at midnight EST.)  Be sure you & your friends are signed-up for our email newsletter list… DJ Inker’s ’12 Holly Daze SALES’ begin Thurs, December 5th!  Get ready for 12 days worth of FUN, excellent SALES… and of course, FREEBIES!



Win $100 in our Holiday Teacher Contest!

Darling Friends!


Just wanted to post a quick note to you and remind you to enter the HOLIDAY TEACHER’S CONTEST we have going on at DJ Inker’s right now!  Pretty please enter it!!  I love seeing what you’re doing in your classroom with DJ Inker’s art.

holidaycontestIt’s a great way to share your ideas in the class room and WIN a pile of smiles too!


In order to qualify your project must:  be holiday or winter themed, use at least 3 DJ images and 1 DJ font (of course, you can use more).  Limit 3 project submissions per person.
One first place winner will get a $100 DJ gift certificate, with a $50 gift certificate for second place & $20 for third! :)  Entries must be emailed to us by midnight EST on Friday, November 22, 2013.  Send to: with subject line: Teacher Contest.  (We prefer PDF or jpg formats at high resolution, .doc format also accepted.)  Be sure to include your name and current email address so that we can contact you if you win!


All eligible entries will be featured in our ‘Ideas & Samples’ gallery for the holidays!  Winners will be announced on next month’s Teacher Corner email.


Can’t wait to see the smiles YOU’RE creating  :)



New Mermaid Clip Art Smiles

Darling Friends…


JunescrapsampleHope this note finds you smiling, happy and warming up with the weather! Summer and all it’s fun has definitely arrived!  Anytime the high temperature is 90 degrees in the afternoon, that’s summertime to me.


And summertime means ‘beach’ time!  I don’t know how this happened exactly…but every one of my children are ‘water babies’.  They would be SO happy if every activity and place we went together had something to do with the water.  It’s the biggest reason we all moved from the mountains in the west, to the beach crazed Florida (lol!).



So it was fabulous fun to create this month’s SNIPPET collection featuring mermaids and under the sea selections.  Ohhh… I just love them!  The first time my mom read ‘The Little Mermaid’ to me…I was obsessed!  It seemed (and they still are to me) the best mythical creature ever created.  I hope you enjoy this collection as much I did drawing it.   And if you’re wondering….yes I did have the Little Mermaid soundtrack going on in the background while I was drawing this set  :)  !!


Enjoy the desktop background FREEBIE that my daughter Alixess created for you with the Snippets set too.  It’s too cute!  As well as the oobber darling other sea clip art collections we have for you.


Under the sea… under the sea!!  Darling it’s better down where it’s wetter.. take it from me!


Sunshine and smiles to YOU



DJ Inkers SOOOO Appreciates Teachers!

Hey there friends…


We are so excited to be celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week here at DJ Inkers!!!  What a great holiday.  It’s wonderful to have a little reminder to give a BIG smile & some serious appreciation to the teachers in our lives!  We hope you teachers are being spoiled rotten by your students, co-workers & favorite stores!  ;)


We definitely want to extend our appreciation to the darling teachers who help make DJ Inkers successful!  We know we couldn’t do it without you.  So, in honor of teachers everywhere… our entire store is 20% off this week!!!




Hooray!  All you have to do is ‘Shop for Smiles.’  The discount is automatic, & it couldn’t be easier to enjoy the savings.  (Sale ends Sunday, May 12, 2013 at midnight EST.)


Smiles to YOU!  :D

The DJ Inkers Crew


P.S.  Sorry… DJ Inker’s commercial licenses are not included in the sale.