NEW DJ Fonts for Teachers!

Ohhh I LOVE a new DJ font!   There’s something SO amazing that happens inside my heart when I see the letters, doodles, critters and designs I draw come to life!  It’s, as my dear friend Julie says, “life changing”.


I designed our NEW DJ Fonts for Teachers months ago.  It’s been something we’ve been asked to put together for ages now… and for good reason.  Teachers love DJ Inkers FONTS and CLIP ART.   And my darling Alix (my daughter and the mother of my very cute grandson Jackson!) has been working her fingers to the bone in putting this whole NEW Fonts for Teachers package together.  She’s utterly amazing and works hard to keep things moving around DJ Inkers.   I couldn’t do it without her.


Fonts for TeachersWe’ve selected 5 font-astic fonts especially for teachers and smiles at school. There’s DJ Basic Block, DJ Chunky, DJ Handwriting, DJ Simple, and DJ Starstruck.  Here’s a sample of the fonts in this NEW collection.  I know for certain teachers will LOVE this set.  And…it’s just dang cute.  We took particular care to follow the ‘correct writing’ guidelines, but added that fun element that you love to design with.


Many of you may already have the DJ Chunky (modified) font and DJ Handwriting.  (Very popular DJ fonts!).  So we’ve also made all of the fonts in this collection available as single font downloads for your convenience.   Click here to shop all of our font-astic fonts!


Please share what you’re creating with our wonderful fonts & clip art.  I love to see what you’re doing!  Keep the ideas and comments coming.  We love hearing from you!


Hope February is fabulous!    Many smiles & heart!




Having DJ Inker’s clip art & fonts at your SCHOOL is EASY!

Dear DJ Friends…

Attention all of our fabulous teachers out there!  Did you know that DJ Inker’s has a great way to have the most darling clip art in the world on your school computers too?  My darling Dee takes care of all the details in this area and she’s written this note for you.  (Currently trying to figure out how to have ‘guest bloggers’ on our site and don’t know quite how to do that yet?! LOL!)  Until we figure it out… here’s a note from Dee for schools and teachers.  We can’t wait to hear from YOU!


Dear Friends!


We hope you’re doing great and staying warm wherever you are! I love the month of February!! When I look out my window and see the snow on the ground it warms my heart to know that February is here and it really helps my frosty toes to know the air is filled with Love and Smiles! I love answering the phone and knowing there are always wonderful customers on the other end with hearts that are as big as the earth can measure.


Something that makes my heart Smile is the LOVE I have for our schools!! I LOVE it when I get the chance to talk to teachers.  With that being said…I would love to do something for our schools at this time of year to bring Smiles and heart for your classroom with DJ Inkers clip art and fonts.


My name is Dee and I am in charge of processing the school purchase orders and I would LOVE this chance to help your school out.  We are doing something special at this time that will surely warm any heart!! How about 20% off of any school purchase order you send me!  I know that will help any school budget!!


The code that needs to be on the purchase order is “School Smiles” and will discount the subtotal for 20% off. The sale will be for the month of February so you plenty of time to get those sent to me and it will be my pleasure to send the smiles your way!!


You can email it, call me, fax it or mail it to me.  I’m looking forward to working with YOU and your school soon! 


PO Box 467 / Coalville, UT  84017

Fax: 1-801-880-7509

Phone: 1-435-714-7007



A New Year of SMILES my Friends!

Happy New Year darling DJ Friends!!


A big part of me can hardly believe it’s New Year’s Eve.  Where oh whhhheeeere did this year go?  It was such a jam-packed year in every way for me.  My head is still spinning from all of the events and changes.  I am REALLY looking forward to 2014.  Not for any big particular reason, but for the sense of adventure and hopes that a New Year brings.   It always feels like it’s all possible at the start of a new year.


What are you looking forward to in this new year?   How can I help you share a smile in your creations and projects?  I would love to hear from you on what you need that I can add to my drawing docket.  More calendarsSeasonal Clip Art? Fun Fonts?  Completed teacher projects that are ready to go?  I’m right here on the other side of the screen excited to  hear what will help YOU!


My darling crew (DeDJI_NewYear_bearballoonse and Alix) and I are working constantly to bring you fresh, new creative ideas to DJ Inkers.  I know you’re going to love the changes we have in store for you this year!   We are so grateful for our wonderful customers.  Your input and creativity absolutely inspire me!


Happy brand new 2014!

Smiles, heart and huge hugs…




Happy HOLLY DAZE Friends!

Yeahooo my darling DJ Friends!!
It’s DJ HOLLY DAZE time….and that means twelve fabulous days of sales and smiles we have for YOU!  Just wanted to send you a reminder to check them out each day and pick up the FREEBIE I’ve created for this holiday for you as well.
Just a quick reminder…the sales only last 24 hours (same goes with the FREEBIE…which by the way if you collect them all during the HOLLY DAZE will be a coordinated darling set!) and each day is a new surprise on what we’ll have in store for you.  I promise you don’t want to miss a single day 🙂
As for the many other things I’m sure going on in your life during this holiday season…know for sure we’re sending you much heart and a billion smiles that it’s ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ for you and your family.  Check out our Holiday and Christmas cards that you can easily download and put in your cute photo and send to loved ones.  I just have to brag a tiny bit here for a bit and show you my ooooohhhhhh-so-darling grandbabies and their first visit to see Santa.  Melts my heart every time I look at these two.  I love them so much!
Smiles Heart and Holly Daze!!

Good Tidings! DJ Inker’s storewide SALE!

Dear Friends…

Taaaa Daaa!!!  Feels SO good that my holiday shopping is DONE!  All online and in my jammies no less.  There was a time (so long ago) that all the gifts I gave were homemade and took me months and sleepless nights to complete.  I was such a die-hard ‘accomplisher’ …and young and not 50 (lol!).   Those were the good ol’ days for sure.   My honey and I had more time to relax and laugh with family and eat leftovers all weekend because we did it all online.  I’ve definitely decided it’s the way to go!   More time for smiles, heart and enjoying the season’s blessings.


It’s why we love the DJ Inker’s once a year 25% off the entire store sale….because we know you look forward to getting all the grins and creative downloads your heart desires on SALE!

sale postcard

It ends at midnight tonight…so click on over now and give the gift of a grin (for yourself too!) this year!


Holiday Happiness to YOU!!







Smiles for the WORLD!

Happy ‘start’ of the Holidays my darling Friends!

Between you and me… I’ve got to say I’m so not ready for ‘it‘ quite yet.  I haven’t even eaten all the candy corn from the Halloween stash!  I know I sound like a broken record when I ramble on and on about the holiday seasons seeming to arrive earlier each year.  But it’s true DJ Inker’s has been around for a long time (over 20 years and counting!) and I swear each year we bump it up a wee bit more.  And it’s with a lot of sleepless nights and countless hours at the drawing desk that our DJ holiday smiles 2013 are ready for YOU!Holidays Around the World Sample


I’ve been working my doodling fingers to the bone on the NEW collection of HOLIDAYS around the WORLD clip art setsOhhh I hope you love them as much as I loved drawing creating them.  They’re just so darn cute and fun.  We’ve had a huge amount of requests for designs that feature holiday customs around the world and couldn’t be more pleased with how they turned out.  Wish I could have drawn 20 more!  Who knows….keep watching DJ Inker’s through the holiday season…maybe I can sneak a couple more in!   Buy the entire set of 7 countries for a special discounted price and let the creations begin!!  Share what you’re doing with us… I love seeing and knowing what you’re creating too.  I’d love know the special customs you and your family celebrate this season.



So….ready or not!  Let’s start celebrating the season of smiles my fabulous blog buddy friends!  I’m thinking… a peppermint hot cocoa will wash down those last few Halloween candies just fine!


Big AROUND the WORLD smiles and heart…


Fall’s FINALLY here!

Happy wonderFALL Friends!


I wanted to start this note with a famous quote from Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities…”it was the best of times, and it was the worst of times”…It’s been a long, hot, non-stop, soul-changing, personally difficult (for reasons I won’t go on here about) summer for me.  I am SO ready for ready for FALL.  It really is my favorite time of the year.  The colors, cool air, the fabulous smells, school’s in session… I could go on and on.  It feels like a beautiful welcome relief to me.


In my various degrees of ‘stuff’ this summer…as we all know there’s certain things that get us through the tough and difficult times.  For me, sharing a smile and creating art that I know you’ll love in your classroom or home is one of those things.  Knowing there’s friends like YOU on the other side of the screen… that care about what you’re teaching, creating and sharing… really does matter.  I’ve gotta tell you again, thank you for your love and support.  It matters.  You matter.  What we’re doing matters a WHOLE LOT!


So have you got the Halloween costume all picked out?  Have you filled your plastic pumpkin with candies for the trick-or-treaters?  Have you downloaded one of the many BOOOO-tiful Halloween smiles, fonts and alphabets that we have for you?  All good ghouls and boys should!!  Tee hee.  Check them out.  I know you’ll find something SPOOKY and fun to add a grin for the holiday.


I’m back in the saddle on this blog action.  You’ll be hearing from me a bit more I promise.


Huge heart and SPOOKY SMILES to YOU!



Back to School Smiles!

Most AMAZING friends…
I can’t thank you enough for the incredibly thoughtful and sweet, dear blog comments on the new grandbabies.  It meant the world to me!  It was serious validation that you…(on the other side of this screen)… care!   Many of you wrote how precious this time is and how quickly it goes.  I couldn’t agree more.  Like the good ol’ summertime.  I don’t know about you but I’m on the very edge of ‘enough heat already!!’.  Sheeze…the temperatures have been scorching and I feel like I’m melting if I sit outside for an hour.   That’s why I love my work so much!  When it’s hot outside…. I’m inside working on Back to School and Fall fabulousness.  It’s coming up SO soon!  I know you’re getting ready for it too.  My big head’s up that Back to School time is HERE happens when I go to a store and new school supplies are out and on sale.  I start to get that giddy feeling inside thinking about new crayons and pencils and fresh blank notebooks.   I just love that sentimental morning when school starts and I see the school bus on the road and the air starts to turn cooler to those dog days of summer.
And just in time to create projects for Back to School we have the NEW School Wise Scrapbook digital kit.  I don’t know how many of you actually ‘do’ digital scrapbooking…but it’s SO much fun!  You should give it a try sometime.  And if scrapbooking isn’t your thing… use this colorful and bright set for  background papers for a great base of projects you’re creating for your class or home.  Bulletin boards, blog wear (like I’ve created for the DJ Blog), screen savers, student journals, smart board slides,  power points… or anything you give a ‘HOOT’ about.  (I’m still grinning over the OWL thing!  It’s amazing to me how popular owls are!).  Whooooo knew??!   And taaa-daaaa…. our Super Fontastic (on sale now) is a HIT for back to school time.  So many of the favorite fonts are on this collection.   Check out the DJ Back to School products and we’re sure you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for to create smiles all year.
school wise scrapbook bannerslide
A happy shoutout to announce DJ Inker’s has been selected as one of the top BACK to SCHOOL websites from How to on this wild wonderful web of ours (list publishes on August 8, 2013).  Yeahoo!  Thank you SO much for your support and suggestions!  I know I say this often, but I love hearing from you and what you’re needing in the way of DJ smiles for your creations.  We love our teachers!  We’re right here to help your classroom smile this year.
Big smiles and heart to YOU!

G’babies are HERE! And a FREEBIE for YOU!

My dear, darling Blog Buddies…


My heart and head is too full to even think of what or how to write the most important DJ Blog post I’ve ever written (to date).  I keep trying to come up with what’s not too mushy or impersonal to say about the two brand-spanking-new loves in my life.   I can hardly wrap my heart around it all.  Let alone words.


Holding my daughter Abby’s hand while she labored through 12 hours of contractions and seeing my first little grandson Devin come into this world was nothing short of a miracle.  I have tears in my eyes again just thinking about it.  Watching my daughter hold her new baby and sharing that moment  was heaven on earth I tell you.  Complete heaven. 


And then. 


Just barely as I caught my breath and helped Abby through the first week of Devin’s life…. daughter Alix called bright and early one morning a week later (they were due one MONTH apart from each other) and told me her water had broken and meet her at the hospital, because grandbaby number 2 was on his way here.  Jackson arrived 5 hours and 2 orange popscicles later and I haven’t been able to stop tearing up since.  Another perfect miracle.  (and fyi… Alix is the DJ Office Manger and keeps the web going…I hardly know how to function without her!)  Sharing this journey of birth and labor with my girls was life-altering.  I heard from many friends that it would be, but being there holding their hands with their husbands and watching them go through it all was amazing.   



There’s been much love, heart, memories, advice,  diapers, laundry and wondering if they’ll ever sleep through a night again (remember those days?) for the past two weeks.  Today’s been the first ‘day’ that I’ve not been with my girls and their babies, and I’m missing them already!  I’ve got to figure out how to pace myself and this grandma gig!


I know this blog post is not very ‘business-y’ and I’m really wondering if I should attempt to write it again sans mush.  But I’m not going to.  So many of you have shared congratulations and sweet sentiments about my ‘grandma quest’ that I wanted to share this story with you.  Because I really do feel we’re more connected than just ‘typical blog stuff’.  I consider anyone that’s a supporter and fan of DJ Inker’s a friend.  I know we may not know each other face to face.  But we do share smiles, and a lot of heart for making the world a little better with our creations together.   So bare with me on my personal stuff.   


And for reading to the end of this post I want to share something fantastic with YOU!!  Instead of passing out chocolate or bottles of champagne (do they still do that when a baby is born??)  I want to give YOU a DJ BABY FREEBIE.  DJ Special Delivery scrapbook set.  Enjoy!!  (leave a comment here on the blog and we’ll email you the link for the DJ Special Delivery FREEBIE).  I’ll be giving them away for one week (offer ends July 23, 2013).  Hope to hear from you!   Here’s the sample I made using the set (soooooo cute!!)  and thank you again for your comments and support.  Here’s to miracles.  And beautiful, enchanting grandbabies. 


Love love love!!!


Dianne (and daughters and new babies!)


Cowgirl UP Y’all!

Yeahooo!  Happy summer y’all!
Giddy UP and yippie-ki-yi-yea all July long!!!  I don’t know how many of my blog buddies out there are cowboy fans… but I have to tell ya… I’ve always wanted to be a cowgirl deep down inside.  The rodeo’s, horses, riding home on the range, singing the good ol’ songs, campfires and the country comfort food.  YUM!  There’s just something so romantic to me about the whole ‘cowboy scene’.   That’s why I had to draw July’s SNIPPETS with the ‘cowgirl inside of me’, in mind.  It’s just all so dern cute!   I hope you enjoy it.  Fix up some notes for the family reunion, add some of the images to your blog, make a cute calendar, or an invite with your sweetheart to the rodeo .  And!  Hot-diggity-dog…. the DJ Cowboy Font that comes with the July Snippets clip art set is TOO cute!
July Snippets
June was over-the-top WILD and wonderful!!  I turned 50 (yeahoo!) and my honey threw the best birthday party I’ve ever had in my whole entire life.  I’m still ‘tear’d up’ (as grandpa would say) over the whole marvelous ordeal.  Loved ones all around, gifts and stories galore.  It was just the sweetest day of my life.  And if that weren’t enough… I know I’ve told you this, but my two oldest daughters are having their first babies.  I’m going to be a new grandma twice!!  In a month.  As I write this note to you, my daughter is in ‘pre-labor’  (whatever that means these days) and I’m waiting for ‘the call’ to meet her at the hospital.  It’s just about more happiness than this girl can take.  Good thing I keep my sketch book and drawing supplies close at hand and in all my back-and-forth craziness, drawing and putting together cute downloads is what I do to ‘settle down’.
So forgive me for not being right on top of this blog action.  I know you understand!  It’s all I can do to keep up with myself and my growing fabulous family and friends and the hot summer action.  And I certainly count you as one of them.  Thank you for the sweet comments and extremely kind words you’ve left on Face Book Pinterest and the DJ Blog.  It means SO much to me.  I’m thrilled that you liked the DJ BLOG FREEBIE.  Thank you again to everyone that participated and told your friends about us.  DJ Inker’s has the very best customers!
I’ll keep you posted on the new arrival!  Until then… I’ll have my DJ Crew backing me up to keep you in SMILES.  
Much LOVE and heart!  Cowgirl up y’all!