G’babies are HERE! And a FREEBIE for YOU!

My dear, darling Blog Buddies…


My heart and head is too full to even think of what or how to write the most important DJ Blog post I’ve ever written (to date).  I keep trying to come up with what’s not too mushy or impersonal to say about the two brand-spanking-new loves in my life.   I can hardly wrap my heart around it all.  Let alone words.


Holding my daughter Abby’s hand while she labored through 12 hours of contractions and seeing my first little grandson Devin come into this world was nothing short of a miracle.  I have tears in my eyes again just thinking about it.  Watching my daughter hold her new baby and sharing that moment  was heaven on earth I tell you.  Complete heaven. 


And then. 


Just barely as I caught my breath and helped Abby through the first week of Devin’s life…. daughter Alix called bright and early one morning a week later (they were due one MONTH apart from each other) and told me her water had broken and meet her at the hospital, because grandbaby number 2 was on his way here.  Jackson arrived 5 hours and 2 orange popscicles later and I haven’t been able to stop tearing up since.  Another perfect miracle.  (and fyi… Alix is the DJ Office Manger and keeps the web going…I hardly know how to function without her!)  Sharing this journey of birth and labor with my girls was life-altering.  I heard from many friends that it would be, but being there holding their hands with their husbands and watching them go through it all was amazing.   



There’s been much love, heart, memories, advice,  diapers, laundry and wondering if they’ll ever sleep through a night again (remember those days?) for the past two weeks.  Today’s been the first ‘day’ that I’ve not been with my girls and their babies, and I’m missing them already!  I’ve got to figure out how to pace myself and this grandma gig!


I know this blog post is not very ‘business-y’ and I’m really wondering if I should attempt to write it again sans mush.  But I’m not going to.  So many of you have shared congratulations and sweet sentiments about my ‘grandma quest’ that I wanted to share this story with you.  Because I really do feel we’re more connected than just ‘typical blog stuff’.  I consider anyone that’s a supporter and fan of DJ Inker’s a friend.  I know we may not know each other face to face.  But we do share smiles, and a lot of heart for making the world a little better with our creations together.   So bare with me on my personal stuff.   


And for reading to the end of this post I want to share something fantastic with YOU!!  Instead of passing out chocolate or bottles of champagne (do they still do that when a baby is born??)  I want to give YOU a DJ BABY FREEBIE.  DJ Special Delivery scrapbook set.  Enjoy!!  (leave a comment here on the blog and we’ll email you the link for the DJ Special Delivery FREEBIE).  I’ll be giving them away for one week (offer ends July 23, 2013).  Hope to hear from you!   Here’s the sample I made using the set (soooooo cute!!)  and thank you again for your comments and support.  Here’s to miracles.  And beautiful, enchanting grandbabies. 


Love love love!!!


Dianne (and daughters and new babies!)


79 thoughts on “G’babies are HERE! And a FREEBIE for YOU!

  1. Congratulations on not one but two grand babies!!! It most be something special to have your grand babies one week apart! May God continue to bless you, your daughters, and more importantly your grands! Enjoy them!

    Verena Scriven

  2. Hug them, laugh with them, & take LOADS of pictures! It seems they change every minute! They grow up sooooo fast! ( I don’t remember my kids growing up that fast!) Congrats! Welcome to the Grandma Club! It’s the BEST! Enjoy your grandsons! wendy

  3. What beautiful babies! I am still (patiently?) waiting for grandchildren so I hope I can soon use this freebie!
    Congratulations Grandma!

  4. I am so delighted for you! We waited for that joy for many years, and have had 5 in 5 years! So much love and fun! Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations Dianne! You and your family are doubly blessed! There is nothing better than being a grandma. Enjoy! xo

  6. Congrats to you Dianne and your girls. Grandchildren are the best! Your story reminds me of my own. My sister and I were due on the SAME day! My poor mom as she and my sister lived in New Jersey and I lived in South Carolina! But God had a plan….my sister delivered a week early and I , a week late! 🙂 Mom was there for us both!. I now have a 2 yr, old grandson and it is even better! Watching my son be an extraordinary father melts my heart!. Enjoy every minute!

  7. Congratulations! Just think of all the inspiration your grandsons will give you as you work on your clip art and blog! Congrats to your family!

  8. How super sweet that you shared your story…Congratulations x’s 2!! I have been a fan of DJ Inkers since my move to Palmdale California in the Antelope Valley in 1998 and I consider it all joy that you consider me your friend 🙂 I loved all your sweet mush stuff, don’t let anyone stop you from sharing your heart ever!
    I am the wife of a strong arm of the law Police Sergeant, the mami of an almost 20 year old son and almost 18 year old daughter, and the Director of my church’s Catholic Preschool. For all of the loves of my life I have used DJ Inkers like crazy! And never have switched to anything else! I love lookin’ back on old projects where I used the cutest clip art ever…from stamps to software, paper for scrappin and every where in between, I am one of the biggest DJ Inkers fans!
    Love and blessings to you and your daughters for a wonderful world of BABIES!!!!


  9. I knew you would go head over heels in love with these babies and how fun that they came so close together. These little guys will love growing up together. I became a gramma during the last week of school. Once she was born I just could NOT wrap my head around teaching those last few days. I was mush! I understand how you feel about getting back to work. . . so don’t! Take more time to be a gramma and love this new journey you’re on. We’ll still be here when you’re ready to come back.

    My grand daughter is now 13 months old and is so fun to watch and laugh and experience life through her eyes. That first year flew by. So take pictures, cuddle them, be there for them and just enjoy!

    Hugs to all of you!
    Patty Rutenbar

  10. Congratulations on your TWO grand babies!! They are definitely a special miracle and make sure you save plenty of time to spend with them. Enjoy them!!!

  11. Congratulations Grandma!. My granddaughter just turned 1 and it has been the most amazing year! You are going to have so much fun! Being a grandma is the best!

  12. Oh my gosh!!! How wonderfully exciting!!! What an amazing week you have had! Congratulations to the new mommies! Such beautiful little g-babies!

  13. Congratulations! We just had two granddaughters born: one Feb 27th and one Apr 30th. They were suppose to be only 20 days apart, but one came really early and one late. One lives close by and we get to see her often and, unfortunaly the other is two states away. Isn’t it amazing how such a tiny being can totally melt your heart! Enjoy your grandsons, they grow up way too fast!

  14. Love your products. Love, love, love the pictures you posted of your adorable grandbabies. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  15. Congrats to you!! I’m so happy both babies made it into this world safe and sound that all are doing well. Seems to me like you’re going to be an awesome grandma and I’m glad you got to be there for both births. Praying for continued blessings for you and yours!

  16. Congratulations! Two grandsons! I’m in tears reading this. Everyone says having grandchildren is so much more than you could ever dream. It sounds like you are definitely in love! So many of our friends are grandparents – our day will come. Best wishes!

  17. What a sweet sweet story! Congrats to everyone! What a neat idea to do the baby freebie. So cute! Thank you!!

  18. Congrats! What a special event to share with your daughters. I was extremely close to my nana and in part I think it was due to the fact that she delivered me at home.

  19. Congratulations on your beautiful new grandbabies! I am a mom of a 10 year old and a 7 year old set of twins…all boys!!! Boys are sooo much fun and I LOVE witnessing the love and relationship that they have with my mom. It’s a special bond for sure and I wish you much love and happiness with your new little bundles of joy!!!

  20. Congratulations on two beautiful new grandbabies! There really isn’t any greater joy than having grandchildren, is there?

  21. Seems like yesterday I was doing the same tearing up and yawning thing (sometimes at the very same time, LOL!) Congratulations on your two new grandsons 😀

  22. Congratulations, New Grandma! How lucky for you to have two new grand babies and how incredibly lucky for your two daughters to have their first babies so close together. Such fun and exciting news you’ve shared!

  23. Wow, I’m SO feeling the love here 🙂
    Mom, everything you wrote is perfect! You should never worry about being too mushy, cause these two little guys definitely have that affect on everyone 🙂
    I was just reading all the comments from everyone and just had to say how much support I feel here! Some of the stories are so touching. Becoming an aunt has definitely opened my eyes on how much love you can feel for a tiny human 🙂
    so excited to see you shine like the “diamond” you are!!! 😉
    Xoxox mummzie!

  24. Congrats. to My Aunt on becoming a Grandma and to my two cousin for becoming a Mom. Yes Meg it is wonderful to be a Aunt. Wish we didn’t live so far away so we could meet them. Hopeful one of these days we will see each other again.
    Sendling lots of love and hugs to everyone.
    Aunt Dianne I love your post and too see how excited you are to become a grandma. Your mom (grandma) would be so excited too. I am sure she saw them in heaven and they came down with some of her love.
    Love You all.

  25. Congratulations on the addition if the two special miracles that are part of your life. I agree with the other comments-treasure every moment. They grow so quickly!

  26. Congrats and enjoy every precious moments with your grandbabies. The joy you get from your grandbabies will get your “creative juices” flowing which will make us “happy campers”. Love, love, love your cliparts and always have from your days when they were “hard copy”. So glad you incorporated some of your early works in digital formats. So happy for you and welcome to the “grandma” club.

  27. Grammahood is the best – enjoy every moment. remember how fast your kids grew up…well,, the same thing will happen with those cute babies. Love your art work

  28. We never knew to dream about grandbabies! God kept the best for last! It was so wonderful clicking on your blog and sharing in your joy! Thanks! Enjoy this special time in your life. May God continue to bless and keep your sweet family as it increases…You have wonderful things to share with this world…and you always help to make it such a happy place!

  29. Congratulations! The day our grandson was born was one of the happiest days of my life. His laugh, frowns, smiles, and giggles bring smiles to our faces. You will have such a good time with your two babies.

  30. Grandbabies are the best. I have 5 and another due last week – hopefully she gets here soon.
    Thanks for the freebie – love your stuff!

  31. Congratulations on the grandbabies!!! What a gift to have 2 wonderful bundles of joy!!!
    I really enjoyed your post and look forward to seeing them grow through your eyes.

  32. Your daughters will have so mush to share as they watch these two miracles grow up together–and Grandma’s love and support will know no bounds!
    Congratulations to all!!

  33. Awwww…congratulations! Babies are awesome! Take a ton of videos/photos- they grow so fast… Thanks for the freebie, too so I can catalog my own baby’s beginning. 🙂

  34. Meg-
    You’re so right about the love in this post and the replies! Try being one that they’re talkin’ about (in a few years please) 😉

    DJ Blog Buddies-
    THANK YOU for the love and congrats!

    Thank you for sharing this! SO beautifully written and I’ve teared up the few times I’ve read this through. As I type this literally single-handed as my son sleeps in my other arm, I have to thank you for being such a good grandma by being so supportive of him and his cousin. I couldn’t have survived these last few weeks without you and your love, expert level guidance (as you say, you’ve only done it 5 times) and encouragement. I feel so validated in what I’m doing with you around! I hope, in the “mom” department at the very very least, that this apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree…cuz if I haven’t (and I like to think I paid enough attention), I know Devin will be raised -very- well. You’ve been an amazing example to me!

    Here’s to the next big adventure! xoxo

  35. These two boys really are the CUTEST little things to ever hit this planet. 😉 I say this as I look over my shoulder at Jackson smiling in his sleep & making funny noises (as usual). Thanks so much for this adorable post, Mom. I loved reading it & fully intend to print it out and put it in Jackson’s baby book. You have already been an incredible ‘Diamond’ of a Grandma to him… & the most incredible support and Mom to me. I’m with Abby… I don’t know how I could have done it without you. You make it all seem so easy & happy. Thank you so much for everything these past few weeks!!!

    AND thank you to everyone who has replied & left such adorable comments. It’s so nice to feel the love for DJ Inkers & for new life. 🙂 I’m so lucky to have my job & be supported in being a mom as well as part of the DJ crew. Love love love…

  36. Dianne,
    You look so happy and so proud of your beautiful girls!! Alix and Abby, your Jackson and Devin are adorable babies and you both look like Madonnas smiling at them! Best of health to all 5 of you!

  37. Congrats. they say Gran babies are your reward for not killing your kids. So I say enjoy and spoil to your hearts content. What fun to have 2 so close together, I bet they’ll be great friends.

  38. Super-Duper congratulations. LOVED your blog post. Isn’t it wonderful how we can touch each other’s lives on a computer! Your fun is only beginning, and the tears of joy will continue to come 🙂 I watch my daughter’s baby boy (her 1st) 3 days a week, and it is pure joy joy joy! I feel so blessed for the privilege. My daughter says that the gift of “peace of mind” is so precious to her, because I watch Kaiden, and she knows I’ll love and cherish him as she does. Not a day goes by, when I am rocking him to sleep, as he snuggles into me so innocently, and wraps his little fist around my finger, or looks up at me with those ocean-blue eyes, that tears don’t well-up in mine. You get such an incredible sense of peace and contentment. So DJ, when you are looking to “balance” all the busy-ness of daily life, let the scales tip in the direction of these little miracles. Work will always be there, but they won’t. Blessings to all of you. 🙂

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