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The great thing about this blogging action is there are no ‘rules’ to when, how and what I should write. It’s also the ‘bad thing’. It’s the same feeling I have with being an artist. I think about what to create, how to create and when to create something new and darling for DJ Inkers ALL the time. And there are times I just come up with a complete blank. As mothers, teachers, crafters, scrapbookers, and human beings, we are creating or ‘planning’ on creating something all the time. It’s difficult to trust the process that inspiration will pop up and we’ll just suddenly KNOW what to do . It rarely works that way for me. I get to the funky place in my head where I can’t think of one more thing to draw, or write or say. Do you know what I mean? (Please say you do!!)


So I’m asking you to help me today. What do you do for inspiration? What can I draw or create that will help you smile wherever you are in your creations? What are you working on right now that would be easier and better if you had something from DJ Inkers? I would love hearing from you on what DJ designs, fonts and downloads help you and create a smile.


Your comments and support inspire me! As does a walk in the orange and yellow crunchy leaves with my dog Kirby…which I’m going to do as soon as I hit ‘publish’.


Have a beautiful day full of smiles and heart. (And if you’re in the terrible storms going on along the east coast…know my prayers and thoughts are with you. Be safe!)




7 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. I am a kindergarten teacher and I sure could use pictures that help reinforce the sounds that the letters make (more than one picture for each letter). Your pictures are so cute and it would be so fun to have some darling pictures to use when we practice the sounds of the letters. Thanks!

    • Cheryl… I love kindergarten teachers! And can’t believe how much kindergarten has changed over the last ten years. So much more ‘advanced’ than when I went (I think we only colored pictures and did ‘show and tell’ in my day!) Thanks for the help in knowing what you need in your class. Such a great suggestion. Heart and smiles to you! Dianne

  2. I love DJ Inkers. I can spot DJ Inkers a mile away. I am a Kindergarten teacher and each week I send home a newsletter. DJ Inkers always makes it look so spiffy. I love seasonal graphics, and school graphics. Each month I look for things like leaves for Fall, pumpkins for Halloween, angels and santas for Christmas. I love using a variety of fonts, too. Sometimes we use the graphics for classroom centers, and the kids just love them. I love that they are either black and white or in color. I also love different graphics of children. I send home a lot of letters and always put a graphic of a child at the top. We teach thematically, so our themes start at apples, and go to Fall, pumpkins, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Polar Bears and Penguins, Hearts, and Valentines, Dinosaurs, Spring, Eggs, Ocean, and Summer Safety. Anything to go with our themes would be so much appreciated. 🙂

  3. I write a newsletter each week for my Sunday School class. I would love more clip art with a religious theme and more scripture references. I love using your clip art!

    • It warms my heart that you care about your Sunday School class and make a newsletters cute Brenda. You’re awesome. We’ve incorporated quite a few more downloads to come out this year with YOU (and others like you) in mind. So thanks for the suggestion and check out what we DO have now for religious clip art downloads Inspire Worship….hope it adds a smile to your Sunday! Billions of blessings! ~Dianne

  4. I am interested in getting more religious clip art from DJ Inkers especially for Christmas, Easter and Mother’s Day and Father’s Day for kindergarten age children. DJ Inkers is great. Thanks.

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