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Hope you’re doing fantastic dear friends!  Just wanted to write a quick note here on the DJ blog to ask you to take a look at the NEW DJ Inker’s website.


It was SO time to redecorate and update the colors, smiles and fun that we want to present to you with the products at DJ Inkers.   Our new ‘slideshow’ on the home page gave us a lot more room to show you examples and ideas for creating your projects.  As well as a huge area to let you know what’s on sale and how to combine the images for optimal smiles.


I’d love to hear your feedback on it…and what you would like to see and experience while your shopping on the new site.  Your ideas and thoughts are very important to me!



If you’re not already ‘following’ the DJ Blog…please hit that little button that says ‘follow’ and we can stay in touch with everything going on at DJ Inkers.


Spring is coming….and with our bright, fun and easy to navigate website we’ll share the smiles and ideas!


Happiness and heart to YOU!




2 thoughts on “New DJ website

  1. Love the new web page! So cute. I’ve been a fan for over 20 years – it was my first digital clip art and it was in black and white. I remember being so excited when you introduced color clip art! You’ve come a long ways – Thanks!

    • Sheryl… You doll! Thank you for being ‘with me’ for so long. Some of that ‘old stuff’ is just embarrassing! I appreciate you sticking it out with me while I’ve found my way. In color! On the web! No more running to the copy shop for all night copy fests so we get the ‘size’ right! Hooray for us. We’ve come a long way baby 🙂 Big smiles heart and thanks! ~Dianne

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