You’ll love these fun Teacher Projects!

Dear DJ friends,

First, just a friendly reminder… our Teacher Appreciation SALE begins tomorrow (Friday, April 29)!!!  We’ll be having some amazing SALES and fabulous FREEBIES that you won’t want to miss!  Of course, you can join the fun & enjoy the savings, even if you’re not a teacher.  Sale ends Monday, May 2, 2016.

Contest First Place


Now, we simply MUST share some of the entries to our recent Teacher Contest with you!  We hope you’ll find some cute ideas for YOUR classroom… and enjoy seeing what your fellow teachers have been up to.  Click here to check-out ALL of our 2016 Teacher Contest entries…


In FIRST place… we have L. Darden’s darling ‘Digraph Posters.’  Her Kindergarten students have fun using them to distinguish between ch, sh, th and wh digraphs. We love her cute & clever clip art choices.  Congrats!!!

contest16-2In SECOND place… we wish you could see this entire packet of P. Rutenbar’s ‘1 & 2 Step Spring Story Problems.’  There’s lots of fun clip art, and the design work on this set is really nicely done.


…and last, but certainly not least, we REALLY enjoyed watching the entry that won THIRD place… we almost want to go back to school & learn diphthongs again… just so we can play too!   This ‘Spring Sounds Interactive Power Point’ presentation by C. Malinich is colorful, engaging and even gives the kids a break to wiggle in between the learning slides.



Thank you for sharing your excellent work with us, teachers!!!  We can’t tell you how much we enjoy seeing what YOU do with our art.  Please feel free to share your creations and ideas with us any time. 🙂


Smiles to YOU!

-Dianne & crew


Good to know info for DJ commercial license holders

Dear DJ friends,

Hooray!  It’s almost time for our Teacher Appreciation SALE!!! 

The fun begins Fri, April 29 through Mon, May 2, 2016.



Set yourself a reminder to ‘Shop for Smiles’ this weekend!  We’ll be having some awesome store-wide SALES and fabulous FREEBIES!!!  (There will even be sales on our NEWEST products and for our CL club members!)  We want you to join the fun and enjoy huge savingswhether you’re a teacher, crafter, creative soul or lover of cute things!  Click here to sign-up for our weekly e-newsletter list.  We’ll remind you about the sale AND give you all the info on fantastic free stuff too.  Woohoo!


As some of you may already know we wanted to offer some clarification on our commercial license terms.  Please know you can ALWAYS use our art & fonts for your personal & educational creations without a commercial license.  That’s why we create all of this cute stuff!  Recently, we’ve had some questions about the business use of our DJ Commercial Licenses… and as it turns out… our terms did need a little clarification.


We are happy to allow TPT users (& other enterprising new designers) who have created a company for themselves to have a DJ commercial license.  As long as you have a small company of 1-3 members (like a sole proprietorship or LLC.), you are perfectly eligible to use a DJ Inker’s commercial license.  (The idea behind limiting business use in our terms is simply to protect us from large companies & corporations.)  We ask that you please purchase a license for each user of our art &/or fonts, and NOT use our art &/or fonts to create business identifying products (such as logos, business websites, business cards, letterheads etc.).


If you’re feeling unsure about using our art and fonts for your TPT or blogging creations…don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.  And make sure you know about the awesome changes we’ve made to our commercial licenses in the last year!!  We now offer a 30% discount to ALL current commercial license holders!  Plus, there are no earning limits on your creations because we’ve tried to make a few other things simpler for you too.   Read all about it here.


We appreciate your questions and understanding as we sort this out.  We are a small family company… and we are always learning new things.  As time’s gone by, we’ve continued to keep our clip art prices low and continue offering both black & white AND color in hopes of taking care of our customers the best way possible.  We honestly do our best to adapt with the times, changing technology and customer expectations, but it’s not always easy.  We invite you to be our friend on Facebook and Pinterest and help us share the smiles in the best way we can!  If you see something we could be doing better… let us know!  If you have a great idea for a new product or marketing idea… let us know!  If you want to share your latest clip art creations with someone who KNOWS how much work it is… let us know!


We really do want to hear from you.


Our eternal thanks and smiles to YOU!

-Dianne & crew




Jolly holiday projects & FREEBIES by DJ’s teacher friends!

Happy Holidays my DJ Friends!


Hope this note finds you happy and healthy this winter…and enjoying all of DJ Inker’s holiday specials!  (Yeahooo!!!  We have SO many SALES and FREEBIES this year!).  I’ve probably written this before (forgive me if I’m on repeat)…but I live in Florida now and coming from the mountains of Utah where there’s snow, cold, beautiful mountains and real need for a warm fireplace (that’s not just decoration!)  I’m….well….naturally confused this time of year.  As I’m writing it’s 75 degrees outside and flowers are blooming all over the yard.  If I put on a sweater, I sweat!!


So getting into the spirit of Christmas and all the holiday happenings has taken some serious attitude acclamation.  I put up the tree (and no, it’s not a palm tree… although I’ve thought about that!)… turn on holiday music, drink hot cocoa (and stir it with a candy cane), pull out all the red, green and sparkly things AND light all the evergreen scented candles I can find to get myself in the holiday zone!  Then I draw and doodle all the images that dance through my head… and that puts me in the right frame of mind for the season of love and smiles.


What do YOU do to get in the holiday mood?  Tell me what you cook, create and smell, watch and do this time of year.  I would love to hear from you!


It’s been such a treat this year to work with some fabulous teachers/bloggers that are creating AMAZING projects with DJ Inker’s designs.  Take a look (if you haven’t already) at what they’ve put together… many of these links & projects also include freebies!  We all know it takes effort and extra time to make projects like this…and the results are incredible!   We are truly inspired.  I only wish we had the space & time to share ALL of the great ideas we’ve seen.  Here are a few of our favorites…


nice list, christmas printables, christmas activity

This fun and ADORABLE idea comes from Ashley at  She has created a darling behavior incentive for kids & classrooms during the holidays!  (Click on the image above to go to this holiday post directly.)


zoom around the room, christmas printables, christmas activity

Patty at has made a unique, super-cute & action-packed learning game for the season of smiles.  What kid doesn’t want to ZOOM around the room?!?  🙂  (Click on the image above to go to this holiday post directly.)


quilt block, christmas quilt, christmas sewing

Our crafty souls delighted when we saw this warm & whimsical quilt block created by Marian at  She used our Jolly Holly images to create a quilting pattern!  (Click on the above image to go to this holiday post directly.)


letter-tiles, christmas printables, christmas activity

You’ll love the delightfully simple Christmas printable from Mary Catherine at  We hope the cute clip art on these holiday activities will help get kids motivated to learn & play nice this holiday!  (Click on the above image to go to this holiday post directly.)


AND finally… I have to share my personal project yesterday.  I decided to make Christmas cards to mail to friends and family…..and I just wanted to make something easy-peasy this year.  (I’ve had those years where I spent weeks stamping, water coloring, stitching, glittering, etc. etc. ….you remember!!)  So, I chose a few of my favorite images from our Jolly Holly collection, printed them off in color, cut a square around the image & mounted them to plain green and red cards.  Voila!!  So cute, so simple, and….best of all….finished in 20 minutes!  The toughest part was choosing which images to print off…there’s over 350 ‘Jolly’ images to choose from and they’ll all add just the right ‘touch’ to your holiday creations.



By the way… Jolly Holly Days & ALL of DJ Inker’s CD’s are on SALE through the end of December!  They make great gift ideas… and it’s a great time to shop!


We hope some of these ideas will inspire YOU to create a smile this Christmas… and we’d love it even MORE if you’d take a moment to share your creations with us.  🙂  Seeing your projects really makes us SOOO very happy!


Huge smiles and heart to you wherever you are in the world!




Personalize this Holiday Season

Dear DJ Friends…


I’m smiling as I sit down to write this note to you.  Laughing out loud actually.  It’s HOLIDAY time!! How in the world did a year go by (again!) so quickly?!  Ahhh….I must be getting old.  It just seems like yesterday I was taking the ornaments off the tree and tucking them away for next year.  And here it is…’next year’ already.  And what a year it’s been.  Packed with so many wonderful, difficult, interesting and heart-felt moments and events.  I’m so grateful for every one of them.


Are you ready for the holidays?  I want to help you create something fun and memorable this year. I’ve been busy talking with my daughters and coming up with some great new products for YOU this year.  Their lives are pretty crazy right personalized-cardsnow too…with kids, work, school and families of their own.  I ask them the same thing I ask you….what can I help you create that will add a smile to your home, class, and church projects?  The number one thing they said was “we need a Christmas/holiday card!”  So… I’m on it!  Since we’ve figured out how to ‘personalize’ things for you easily on our website, that’s exactly what we have in store for you this year.  YEAHHOOO!  I think you’ll love them.  And talk about easy-peasy.  Take a peek and get your personalized DJ cards ordered today!  I’ll be adding a number of products this holiday season on the ‘personalized’ category that will give a special touch to all your giving and doing.


Along that same thought…I wanted to give you a quick head’s up that our annual 12 Holly Daze Sale is coming up!!  We are SO ready to help fill your stockings with amazing sales and freebies this year. Truly….you won’t want to miss a single day!  The best way to stay on top of all of the holiday goodies & great sales is to join our weekly email newsletter list.  Each day is a 24 hour thing… so these notes are a helpful reminder.


I am one very blessed woman.  And I thank you for being part of my journey and support with DJ Inkers.  I couldn’t do this without you.


Love, heart and SMILES to YOU!




15 Fall Family Fun Nights

Fabulous DJ Friends…


A big huge HOORAY for Autumn finally arriving!


I’ve said this too many times…but it absolutely is my favorite season of all!  There are so many reasons to celebrate this incredible time of the year.


Last week I was talking to my children (who are grown and busy with their lives and children now) about how much we love FALL.  We composed this FALL FAMILY FUN NIGHTS list based on their favorite memories of the things we did on our family nights together.  I didn’t go into much detail on the specifics of each activity on our idea list, but I definitely could!  We have so much fun as a family doing the simplest things.



Download this list and tape it to the fridge… hopefully it will help spur on the good times.  (Just click on the image for the full size/full resolution version, & save it to your computer or print.)  I created the border using clip art from our Kidoodlez for LIFE CD (except for the leaves & pumpkin kid… which I added for an extra splash of autumn on the page).  ‘For Life’ is such a great CD to have in your collection.  There’s over 375 images of kids on the playground, families, community helpers, healthy foods, special-needs kids etc etc.  You’ll love it!  (Especially because it’s on SALE through October 23, 2015!)


And it’s my biggest hope for my children and YOU as well that Autumn brings you memories and smiles all season long!


Leaves, big sweaters, and pumpkin patch smiles to YOU!



Making your own party decorations is so much FUN!

Hello DJ friends,


bdayboyIt’s Alix!  Dianne’s daughter & DJ Inker’s office manager.  I just HAD to take a moment to share MY latest DJ smile with you.  Sure, I get to create cute stuff with our art all the time… but I get really giddy when I get to use our stuff for my own purposes… and have some FUN.  Personally, my favorite time to bust out something cute & creative is a party.


Recently, my little boy, Jackson, turned 2! 🙂  He is just hilarious …and totally has a mind of his own.  Most of the time his mind is on cars.  He has been making car sounds & watching them intently since he was 6 months old.  So, naturally, cars & things that go VRRROoooom made the perfect theme for the party.  (Jackson’s birthday is just 9 days after his cousin Devin’s, so we made it a joint effort & had a double party!)  Hooray!  An excuse to play with clip art!


Now that I have kids, I have more reasons than ever to use my mom’s adorable images… and less time on my hands!  My two kids certainly know how to keep me on my toes.  Luckily, I know a few tricks… & creating with clip art is not only fun, it’s easy.  Once I had an idea in mind, it was a snap to pull the images together & add my text in a coordinating DJ font.  We seriously have an image for just about anything after 25 years, so finding what I needed was a piece of cake!  😉  (In case you are wondering, I used mostly ‘August Whimzee,’ ‘Top of the Class’ & ‘DJ Bendy.’)  BTW… if you are ever looking for something specific, just email us.  We’d be happy to direct you to some options & share our ideas with you.  If we don’t have what you need… we will add it to the request list.  You never know.  So many of our images are based on the requests we get from customers just like YOU!



Here’s my best tip for making a project look finished, professional & clean: mounting!  All I did with these posters is print them on regular printer paper, trim a little off the edges, and glued them to some black card-stock.  Mounting will make any project look sharp & tidy (with very little effort).  Of course, you can use colored or printed designer papers too.  AND… the same technique applies to digital.  Add a border.  Even a simple, thin black line makes a big difference.


I got a lot of compliments on our cute decoration ideas & the coordinating party favor tags.  They really were simple, quick & enjoyable to make too!  It made our party decor unique, customized & gave us a great conversation piece.  It was nice to have something that I made myself on display.  🙂  Well, I hope this helps spark a few fun ideas for you… whether for a birthday party, classroom party or holiday!  Start thinking about what you’d like to make for YOUR next party & give it a try.  😉



AND… speaking of birthdays… we are celebrating DJ Inker’s 25th birthday this year!!!  Can you believe it?  Some of you have been with us since cut & copy books & rubber stamps.  Whether you’ve been a fan for 25 years… or you’re just getting started… THANK YOU for your support and for helping us share our smiles with the world.  🙂  Be sure to visit our site this week & check-out the incredible savings on birthday clip art & ALL of our Fontastic collections!


Smiles to YOU!



Enter to WIN your own Custom Mascot or Logo by DJ Inkers :)

Darling DJ Friends…


I want to start this note in a ‘HIP HIP HOOOORAY!!” kind of way to let you know how excited we are about our newest product at DJ Inkers.  It’s taken months of sorting through how to make it available… and I couldn’t be happier that it’s ‘real’ now!  So, drum roll please….announcing our NEW DJ Custom Mascot or Logo service.  I’ve heard requests from so many of you over the years on needing something like this for your school, church group, family reunion, small business, etc., so I thank you for being part of this too.


And of course, like any great grand opening… we have a fabulous give-away for YOU!  Enter below for your chance to WIN your very own Custom Mascot or Logo by DJ Inkers!  The set includes 5 customized images in black & white and color… and YOU own the rights to create signs, business cards, letterheads, t-shirts & all sorts of fun goodies!  Won’t it be fabulous to have your own custom SMILE?!?


I can’t wait to create YOUR logo… this is going to be so much fun!


Big smiles and heart to YOU!



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To Do: Draw & Create Fun New Smiles for YOU!


Hello my darling DJ Friends!


Ohhh how I hope your summer is rolling along fabulously!  I’m going to admit right here…that I’ve been a summer slug this year.  I’ve read a lot of great books, binge-watched Grey’s Anatomy, tried learning Italian on my phone app, traveled to and fro across the country quite a bit (and what I’ve found out is that it’s so HOT all across the country)!  But my absolute favorite part has been watching my two little grandsons play in the sprinklers and my sweet little granddaughter grin and crawl for the first time.


I feel so blessed.  And fortunate to still have a couple months of summer left to soak in the sun and love!



But…as I’m reminded all too often…it’s Back to School time!  So drawing and getting my rear in gear to create fun new smiles for YOU is topping my list of things to do now.  We’ve cooked up a lot of fun new ideas this year and ways to improve how we can help make your classroom brighter and better.  If you have any suggestions (and I LOVE your suggestions!) please drop me a line and let me know what smiles YOU’d like to see from DJ Inkers. 🙂


Our NEW’ Grades sets’ have been a great success so far… and there’s more to come!  I’ve tried to include in each set, designs and sayings that are used often for each grade level and coordinate easily for notes home, decorating your rooms, etc.


Kidoodlez-Trio_smIf you’re looking for more specific school subjects and many more designs… our Kidoodlez series is on a FANTASTIC SALE for back to school!  This really is some of our best work & most useful designs for learning.  You can choose 3 titles for one incredible price… OR get the whole series of 7 CD’s for over 40% off!!!  It’s a great time to buy… and you won’t be disappointed.  🙂


I’m going to go grab an icy cold drink and sit out on the porch to appreciate the good ol’ summertime before it gets too hot…. it slips away so quickly!  Here’s to YOU and hoping that you’re taking a minute to enjoy it too!
Sunshine, smiles and warm summer hugs!



Sales like this come but twice a year :)

Hello my darling DJ Friends!


Hooray! Hooooooraaay!!  It’s our BIG SALE WEEK at DJ Inkers this week.  The whole cute and fabulous store is on SALE and ready for you to shop!   We only have a sale like this twice a year, so please help us get the word out and come shop for smiles and the cutest clip art in the world!   If you spend $25 (easy to do with a great sale like this!) we have a darling clip art set especially for teachers and parents wanting to make a cute card in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week we’ll give to you FREE!  In the past, we’ve had this sale during the week of Teacher Appreciation (May 4-8) and have heard from many of you that you need something darling to create with and give TO the teachers in your life for this week.  That’s why we’ve decided to have this sale NOW… you can buy now and create something fun to celebrate the Teachers you love.


Speaking of teachers and appreciation for them… we want to add our huge thanks as well!  The input and support we have from our customers (so many of you are teachers of all sorts) is amazing.  I listen to your suggestions and appreciate the input you give to help DJ Inkers putting out printables, clip art, and projects that make a difference with the work you do.


Happy shopping for smiles on SALE this week!


Much love and a trillion thanks again for all the teachers in our lives!



You could win a 1 year DJ Inker’s commercial license! We’ve made some changes…

Hello again friends,


We hope that spring is warming up & blossoming with smiles for you!  It’s so nice to see the world around us change and get a fresh start.  😀


Speaking of changes… many of you may have heard… but we’ve recently made some big changes to our commercial license terms at DJ Inkers.  There are a number of reasons why we’ve made these changes… and we hope that it creates a better win-win situation for you and for us.  Here’s the short version of the updates we’ve made… you can read further details here on the DJ Learning Center.


1. We no longer require our copyright information to be posted on every page of your projects. NOW, it is only required that you post it somewhere on your project (once) & also in your product description. 


2. We no longer limit the earning potential of a specific product. But remember, commercial use is for small home-based business, home-based crafters & teachers. We hope you make millions! 🙂


3. Get a 30% discount on ALL of your orders when you have a current commercial license with DJ Inkers!  Wahooooo!  You will be added to our ‘commercial license club,’ which gives you an automatic 30% off. 


4. There is now ONE DJ Inker’s commercial license available (instead of 3 options). This license is good for 1 website, blog or selling venue. (You still need a separate license for each site or venue you sell from.)


5. After one year, you only need to renew your DJ commercial license if you wish to post NEW projects.  (Projects that were posted before the expiration of your license are covered.)  Note, the membership discount only continues with renewal.


Click here to read the complete terms of our commercial licenses…



So… to celebrate these changes & help spread the word… we are giving away a 1 year DJ Inker’s commercial license!!!  Even if you already have a license with us… you could win a 1 year renewal!  So be sure to enter!  🙂


Good luck & thank you for your support and smiles.  We really appreciate it.  Small companies survive because of the support of customers like YOU!


Happy spring!


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