Babies Babies Everywhere!

Hello my DARLING DJ Friends…


I’ve gotta tell you…. it’s getting pretty crazy and exciting around here with the coming arrival of TWO new grandbabies!  The past month has been filled with baby showers, growing bellies, shocking discoveries on what it takes to ‘grow a baby, questions on “how did you do this??” and more from my two daughters that are just about ready to POP!  I’m so excited!!  I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’m looking forward to simply smelling that ‘new baby smell’ again.  And that’s just one of a million things that I’m excited for with new grandbabies!  It makes me smile BIG just thinking about it.   And all the cute toys, baby things and fun gifts they’ve received from family and friends have been more than inspiring on the artistic side of things.  Ahhh!!  So. Dang.  Cute!!




Which leads me to this weeks’ fabulous ‘new’ DJ collection of downloads.  DJ Baby Bundles.  It’s no surprise that’s where my head and heart are right now with my grandbabies on their way!   This is a baby collection I drew a bunch of years ago that we’ve completely re-colored and re-formatted for YOU and your clip art needs today.   So… some of you might have some of these images in your collection from the past…but I promise you, you’ll want them again!  They’re just a LOT better and easy to use in the updated formats and colors.  So… whether you have a new one on the way, or you’re looking for darling art to create a shower invite, baby scrapbook, wall plaque or something OHHH-SO-CUTE for a little new one in your life…you’ll love the Baby Bundles designs.  There’s four darling baby downloads you’ll just LOVE for creating and making NEW SMILES for the babies in your home and heart!


I’ll keep you posted on how MY babies are progressing, and the smiles I have in the works for the ubber darling things I’m making for my precious ones…and I hope you’ll do the same!  Stay in touch with me and let me know what you’re creating and posting to FaceBook and Pinterest with the DJ Baby Bundles collection.    Oh!  I’m SO excited.    :)


Smiles Heart and Love to YOU!




DJ Inkers SOOOO Appreciates Teachers!

Hey there friends…


We are so excited to be celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week here at DJ Inkers!!!  What a great holiday.  It’s wonderful to have a little reminder to give a BIG smile & some serious appreciation to the teachers in our lives!  We hope you teachers are being spoiled rotten by your students, co-workers & favorite stores!  ;)


We definitely want to extend our appreciation to the darling teachers who help make DJ Inkers successful!  We know we couldn’t do it without you.  So, in honor of teachers everywhere… our entire store is 20% off this week!!!




Hooray!  All you have to do is ‘Shop for Smiles.’  The discount is automatic, & it couldn’t be easier to enjoy the savings.  (Sale ends Sunday, May 12, 2013 at midnight EST.)


Smiles to YOU!  :D

The DJ Inkers Crew


P.S.  Sorry… DJ Inker’s commercial licenses are not included in the sale.

A little smile goes a long way

Hooray!!!  It’s the weekend my Friends!


Just wanted to share a little ‘smile thought’ with you that I’ve made with the NEW Snippets set for May.  I definitely have a ‘thing’ for birds.  Their feathers, colors, song, nesting techniques and the way they surprise me when I am not even expecting to see them.  In Florida, where I currently am, I go outside every morning and see my backyard full of bright red little cardinals (ok…’full’ might be an exaggeration!  but always 4 or 5!).  It thrills me every time.   Hope you like my version of the birds in this month’s collection.  Ahhh….  so cute.




Here’s a thought for your weekend made with one of the ready to go projects in May Snippets collection.  The scrapbook page I shrunk down and put a quote that I love in it.  Think outside the (bird) box with these fun designs.  Tweet your friends and  share a smile with them too.    I’ll be sharing some of the other projects I’ve made with this collection soon (on Pinterest and Facebook as well), and hope you’ll share with me as well.  I love hearing from you!!!


Hope your weekend is relaxing, fun and full of SMILES!!




Get a whole lotta cute for a dollar!

Happy Springtime my Friends…


Hooray!!  I’m so excited that we have GREAT new ‘DJ Quick Pics’ just in time for your new spring creations .  Check them all out!  For a dollar you can get a WHOLE lot of CUTE!  Decorate your calendar, add a smile to your blog, use it for a background screen on your phone or notepad,  make a scrapbook page of your Easter memories, print off the ‘dress up bunny’ for your kids or grandkids and teach them how to play ‘paper dolls’ (like we did in the ‘olden days’ lol!!).    And while you’re looking through all the cute you can get for a dollar… check out the new MAGICAL Storybook Alphabet and see how well it coordinates with the Magic Garden Clip Art set.     Just makes me grin from ear to ear thinking of all the cute things to create!



I’ve been traveling for the past couple of weeks in the NorthWest part of the US.  Seeing springtime signs every where I go.   I couldn’t love it more!  The lime green new leaves on the trees, tulips and daffodils and light spring rain… ahh.  It’s energizing and beautiful to my soul.    I hope spring is popping up with love and heart where you are too!


Spring Smiles and Hugs



Fun new DJ Font

Howdy Friends!


Wanted to let you all know about the NEW DJ Crayon Block font and Crayon Borders clip art set available for YOU at DJ Inkers.

I know I’ve said this before….BUT!  I love creating new fonts.  And this one has me smiling all over the place.   Lettering and alphabets have always been my favorite ’thing’ to draw.  And  this font…is SO good!  If you’re a teacher or someone with small children then you will especially LOVE it!

dj crayon block font sample

Give it a try.  We often get a lot of requests for the ‘crayon look’… for great reason.  It’s just so dern cute!  Now with a NEW DJ Crayon Block font to go with it.  There’ll be no end to the fun you’re going to create!


Hope your week is absolutely wonderful and sweet!

Big heart and SMILES!

NEW Border Covers

Darling Friends…


Just wanted you to drop you a little line and let you know about our NEW set of Border Covers featured on the DJ email this week.   This digital download in response to a frequent request we hear at DJ Inker’s… (and thank you for letting me know what is helpful to YOU in making your creations!  We really do listen and appreciate your help and comments).  I wanted to put something bright, cute and simple together for the ’cover page’ of the many PDF teacher projects being created ‘out there’.     But!  You can use them for so many other things too.  Let your imagination run wild!   Here’s a sample using Border Covers, my daughter put together for a baby book she’s creating.   Use a DJ Font, combine your favorite DJ designs and waaaaalaaa!  So cute and easy.


I know many of teachers and crafters are looking more toward building and creating things ‘electronically’ and we are constantly trying to keep up with you and create SMILES and projects to help you.   If there are sizes and formats that work particularly well for you, please let us know and we’ll incorporate that into the downloads we offer too.


Hope you’re week is spectacular!

Big heart and bigger SMILES to YOU!



Grandma Advice

Darling Friends…


It’s been a while since I’ve ‘blogged’.  Things are always crazy in my neck of the woods.  I’m sure for you too.  Life seems to be going by at warp speed lately.  I miss writing and sharing with you.  And thank you for the sweet comments on the new DJ Inker’s site.  I love it too!  So bright and fun.  Plus easy to find all the cute downloads you’re looking for now.

I have some fabulous news I want to share.  I’m going to be a Grandma not ONCE but TWICE in a few months!!  Both of my oldest daughters are pregnant with baby boys (ultrasound said they were anyway).  I can’t wait!!  And I’m sort of ‘afraid’.  Not of the babies (I had 5) but of being a ‘Grandma’.  Am I ‘old’ enough for that?  Am I ’wise’ enough?  Am I going to know how to be the ‘good gramma’ that my mother was?  I really miss having my mother here to let me know how to handle life’s many situations with grace, strength and laughter as she did so beautifully.  Hopefully, she’ll whisper from heaven in my ear and let me know all the ‘grandma secrets’.


One thing I do know for sure.  I’ll have the cutest clip art in the world for these babies!  I’m doodling baby things all over the place currently.  And the Doodlers monthly downloads have been fabulous for the many projects I’m going to make for the little ones on their way.  Check them out… (I made the little sign here with April Doodlers)


Send me your ‘grandma advice’.  I’d love to know all the little secrets that make them the most special people in the world (grandpa’s too!).


Much heart & love!



New DJ website



Hope you’re doing fantastic dear friends!  Just wanted to write a quick note here on the DJ blog to ask you to take a look at the NEW DJ Inker’s website.


It was SO time to redecorate and update the colors, smiles and fun that we want to present to you with the products at DJ Inkers.   Our new ‘slideshow’ on the home page gave us a lot more room to show you examples and ideas for creating your projects.  As well as a huge area to let you know what’s on sale and how to combine the images for optimal smiles.


I’d love to hear your feedback on it…and what you would like to see and experience while your shopping on the new site.  Your ideas and thoughts are very important to me!



If you’re not already ‘following’ the DJ Blog…please hit that little button that says ‘follow’ and we can stay in touch with everything going on at DJ Inkers.


Spring is coming….and with our bright, fun and easy to navigate website we’ll share the smiles and ideas!


Happiness and heart to YOU!



Cupcake Dump

Happy February Friends!


I’ve been out of town tending grandchildren the past week and have completely forgotten how much time, work and no-sleep babies and small children are.  And how sweet and fun!   I thought I would be able to work and get a few things done in between naps, holdings and feedings.  But that so didn’t happen!  Today…my heart and love go out to you amazing mothers of young children.  God bless YOU!!  It’s a lot of work.  And so little time left to do anything for yourself.    Know that  you have my support for being SUPERWOMEN (and men!) in raising your families.    It truly is the most important work.

I’m sending you a little recipe to make for Valentine’s day… Cherry (or some other red berry) ‘Dump’ Cupcakes.  Easy peasy and fast.   For all of you busy moms.   And everyone loves it.   The recipe card is one of the ready-to-go projects on February’s Snippets.  And the darling font DJ Smitten is included with the download.   Hooray!!  Go to the DJ Gallery to download this freebie recipe… you’ll find some other fun freebie stuff for Valentines Day too!  (Or simply click on the image to view it at full-size… then right-click to save to your computer.)


dump cupcakes



I’m also very committed to making sure YOU have the smiles to make your other projects for the Valentine Holiday and month of February easy and fun.    We have so many darling Valentine things on sale at DJ Inker’s this week.  I know you’ll find something that’s ‘just perfect’ for the hearts, smiles and love projects you’re putting together.    And now that I’m back home and getting an entire night’s sleep without someone needing to go ‘potty’ or have a diaper changed….I’ll be sending and sharing many more Valentine ideas!  <3


Big love and heart!




Celebrating HEARTS!

Darling Friends…

Hope you’re doing great and staying warm wherever you are!  Baby it’s cold outside is an understatement for most of the USA right now.  Here, in lovely semi-warm central Florida, I even have a couple of sweaters on!


What a great time to stay inside and do some darling digital projects.  Like a VALENTINE MAILBOX!!


Remember how much fun that was as a kid to make one and receive all the cards at school?  It’s easy, fun and ohh-so-cute!   And FONTASTIC 3 is on sale this week too (hooray!!).   If you haven’t got this set of fonts…trust me on this one.  They’re ‘just right’ for personalizing your projects.  You’ll love them.


Hearts have always been (and forever will be!) my favorite thing to doodle.  I started a sketchbook of ‘just hearts’ many years ago…and those sketches of hearts of all sorts, sizes and shapes is one of my treasures.  So you can imagine how much I love Valentine’s Day.   So we’re going to be celebrating ‘hearts’ all month.  Check our website out often so you can see designs and projects we will be adding to help and create with you.


Much love, hearts and SMILES to you!