Oooh! A New Fontastic Fonts cartridge from DJ Inkers & Cricut!

Dear DJ Friends…


Hope this note finds you filled with fabulous February love!


Hearts are my FAVORITE thing to doodle, draw, paint and create. My desk is spread from one end to the other with hearts of every shape and size! So this month makes me giddy with creativity.


It’s with a smile spread across my entire face that I proudly announce the arrival of the NEW DJ Inker’s CRICUT Fontastic Fonts cartridge. Ohhh my gosh! Working with CRICUT the past year to create this cartridge has been great. If you don’t have a Cricut Machine, ask for one for Valentine’s Day! Such a fabulous craft and creating tool. I know many of you have asked DJ Inkers for something like this the past few years…so TAAA DAAA!! It’s now available for YOU!


Making Valentine’s projects (with my heart obsession and love of fonts) is going to a new level of fun! Here’s a few of the projects already created with the Fontastic Fonts Cricut cartridge to inspire you. And if that doesn’t make your creative gears kick into action, then maybe a GIVEAWAY of the new cartridge will!¬† ūüôā¬† See below for HOW to enter and share the fun!

cricut projects

Happy Valentine’s week to you. Know for certain that you’re loved and appreciated by the crew here at DJ Inker’s!


Big smiles and Happy Heart Day everyday.

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So Lucky!

Happy 2015 my DJ friends!


It’s taken me two weeks to recover from the craziness, events, parties and food of the holidays.¬† As fabulous as the winter holidays are, I have to admit that I’m elated the day the tree comes down and all the leftovers are thrown out from the fridge and I can ‘try’ to get myself centered and ‘normal’ again.



HOWEVER, anything but normal is what I want to share today.¬† I know many of you see our posts on Facebook, so announcing the birth of my first precious, incredible and sooooo beautiful! granddaughter, Addison Dianne isn’t a surprise.¬† But this is the first time I’ve written about it! I’m over the moon and stars in love with her.¬† Her cheeks are immensely kissable and her new baby cooing,..melts my grandma heart.¬† She’s been a surprise and a miracle from the minute we found out she was on her way to our family! Most babies are, but this little gal has turned our world upside down and made it a better place already. ¬† Many of you shared your congratulations and sweet thoughts when my first two grandsons were born 18 months ago.¬† Thank you again! You’re SO right…it goes by so quickly and they grow up so fast!¬† It’s been quite the amazing adventure and delight of my life that I am able to be part of their lives.


Addison totally inspired the NEW Ladybug Clip art collection!¬† You can just imagine all the bows, frills and girly things I’ve already bought for her!¬† It’s so much fun.¬† I can hardly stop myself! And in her honor, I want to share this lucky collection with one of you.¬† (It’s time for a giveaway!)¬† Please leave a comment or share this post and the lucky Ladybug winner will be chosen on January 21, 2015!


Love and oodles of Ladybug LUCK to YOU!



Get ready for the Holly Daze!

Happy Holly Daze my DJ Friends!


HollyDaze2014-baseIt’s here… it’s TIME!! Our fabulous yearly 12 Holly Daze SALE!


We’re working like crazy insane little elves to bring you twelve fun days of holiday projects, ideas and FREEBIES!¬† It’s our biggest hope you’ll find a smile with each DJ email and get in the holiday spirit of creating projects (newsletters, cards for friends and loved ones, tags to brighten the packages, and the list just goes on and on!).¬† Remember the daily sales and freebies are 24 hours only!¬† Be sure to check our website often!


holiday babyI have a little ‘holiday miracle’ I want to share with YOU…my darling DJ friends… one of the reasons I’m so stoked to get ‘ahead’ of the holiday crazies… is I have another new GRANDBABY on the way!¬† And it’s a GIRL this time!!!¬† I am over the moon crazy in love with my two little grandboys (as I’ve written and told you in the blog before!) ¬†they’ve changed my life and heart for sure.¬† We just had a baby shower for my daughter (who is manager here at DJ Inker’s and keeps running efficient and smooth) and all the pink frills, lace, sparkles and girly-girly stuff just made my heart sing. ¬† She should be here very close to Christmas time… so the pressure to ‘get things done’ before she arrives is ON!¬† I’ll keep you posted and let you know how it all goes.¬† Miracles happen…that I know for sure.¬† And this little angel is one of those for our family! ¬† It warms my heart to know the love that a baby can bring to a family.¬† And the world.


Holly FontHuge holiday love, heart and smiles (always) to YOU.


Gotta get back to the workshop and keep the SMILES coming ¬†ūüôā




P.S.¬† Ohhhhh!!!¬† Our DJ Holly font will ‘holly up’ all your projects this season…it’s our FREE gift to you when you place an order of $25 or more during the 12 Holly Daze!¬† Yeahooooo!

Everything about Halloween still makes me grin and giggle…

Hello my BOOooo-tiful DJ Friends…


sample_webHappy October!! I’m so¬†excited¬†for the most FUN time of the year!¬† Everything about Halloween still makes me grin and giggle.¬† From the pumpkins, owls,¬†scarecrows, corn mazes,¬†haunted houses, costumes,¬†and finally¬†my personal favorite..¬†the candy!¬† I don’t know what it is about those little candy corns only during the month of October that taste so good… but they DO!


As you can tell from the past few emails¬†we’ve sent,¬†we are¬†trying our best to fill your trick or treat baskets with some darling DJ Halloween downloads!¬† So many of our monsters, witches, goblins and goodies will work for many creative projects through the year, not just for Halloween.


CoolFontsAnd how about all the new¬†DJ Fonts?!!¬† Don’t you just love them!¬†¬†Every font I drew for the ‘DJ Cool Fonts Collection’ is now my NEW FAVORITE.¬† I know I’ve said that many times, but it’s true.¬† It’s so much fun to create new letters and the flavor they take on with the many projects I know you’re working on for school and home.¬† Hope you’ll check them out and give some new lettering pizazz to what you’re creating this Fall.


Looking forward to posting pictures of my new little grandboys going trick or treating in their little costumes.¬†¬†Can’t wait to teach them the Five Little Pumpkins poem and see their eyes light up when they have a sack full of treats.


Hope you’ll share the smiles and treats you create this month as well.¬† It’s so fun for us to see your projects!¬† We have a little treat for YOU if you do!¬† Simply leave a reply to this post with a picture, description or link to any Halloween creation you’ve made with DJ clip art or fonts (before October 27, 2014) and we’ll give YOU a Spooky Clip Art Alphabet’ for FREE!¬† ūüėÄ


As my Mom always said “you won’t get any cavities if you share your candy!”.¬† ¬†Lol!


Halloween Hugs and Heart!



Experience the 5 Senses with FALL!

Darling DJ Friends!


Happy Autumn!¬† It’s finally HERE and so spectacular (from the mountains of Utah)!


I just got home from a morning drive and hike through one of the most awesome displays of bright fall colors, savory sage smells and crunchy scurrying leaves sounds I have ever encountered.  It was completely inspiring.  Looked like mother nature got out the fluorescent crayon box and just went to town!


It couldn’t¬†be a better time of year to teach and experience the five senses and share in the fabulousness of FALL!¬† Drum-roll please….SO happy to present our newest (and most requested) DJ-FiveSenses_web¬†¬†¬† clip art¬†download the Five Senses.¬† I’ve had this on my ‘drawing bucket list’ for too long now.¬† And I’m thrilled and thankful for the comments and requests on what you need in the way of clip art and printables for your home and school.¬† Hope you enjoy this set and I can’t wait to see it ‘in use’ for your classroom and home.


custom bulletin boardsSpeaking of seeing what YOU are up to…thank you to the many over-the-top-FANTASTIC entries in the DJ Back to School contest.

I was a mess of smiles¬†seeing what your rooms, decorations and creative efforts brought in.¬† I wish you could have heard my oooo’s and ahhhh’s and squeals of delight with every entry.¬† We have posted all of the contest¬†entries in the DJ Gallery and the winners have been announced.¬† I loved them ALL!¬† Amazing work my DJ Friends… simply amazing.¬† I really think it was some of the best entries we’ve ever had in a contest before. Be sure you take a look…


Like this time of year inspires and delights me…so do YOU.¬† Thank you for your support of DJ Inkers.¬† What you share and do, triggers a great big smile and camaraderie for what I do¬†as well.¬†¬† Simply put…¬†share those smiles.¬† They always come back to you.back to school worksheets


Well, I’m going to go make some gingersnap cookies and put the branch of¬†brilliant red leaves in a vase.¬† Could this¬†beautiful¬†autumn day be any better!?!!


Huge heart and smiles




Getting the kids & classroom back to school!

Hi my darling DJ Friends!  DJI_Bounty_acorncorner


Hope this note finds you all fantastic and getting the kids and the classroom back to school!  Yeahooo!


Don’t you just love this time of year?!¬† It’s absolutely full of my favorite things.¬† Sweaters, fall leaves, harvesting, cooler days and nights, snuggling into the season.¬† I have a cinnamon¬†sticks simmering on the stove right now to add the¬†warm spicy scent to the air.¬† Ahhhh.¬†¬†I just love it!


b2s_teachercontestI just wanted to write and remind you about the Back to School contest we have going on right now.¬† You can’t imagine how much inspiration¬†we get from the entries of your projects, homes and classrooms when you enter¬†our contests.¬† I know you probably don’t know this, but I subscribe to many of your classroom blogs and just peruse through the work you’re doing to teach children quite often.¬† I grin from ear to ear seeing the centers you set-up and the worksheets you create and think how fortunate the children that are in your classes and homes are.¬†¬†What you’re doing ‘out there’ simply amazes me.¬† I’m so grateful to be part of what you’re creating.


Spread the smiles and ideas around.¬† Wouldn’t it be great to WIN a $100 DJ Inker’s gift certificate just for¬†entering¬†a snapshot of your room!?¬† There’s great prizes for 2nd & 3rd place too!¬† Entering is easy.¬† ūüôā¬†¬†Click here for more information on how to enter our 2014 Back to School Teacher Contest!


Looking forward to seeing what you’re doing!





Slip slidin’ Summer….

Hello My Darling DJ Friends!
It’s been a while since I’ve written on my¬†DJ blog.¬† I really hope you’re having an incredible summer.¬†¬†It’s¬†seems to be slipping away one hot, sticky, fabulous day at a time.¬† I just returned from my summer vacation, completely renewed and ready to dive into Back to School smiles for¬†the classroom.¬†¬† Yeahooo!¬† Ready or not….here it comes!
I’d love to hear from you if you have a second to¬†drop me a line and let me know what your ‘themes’ and ideas for decorating¬†your classrooms are this year.¬†¬†Are ‘owls’ still the popular thing?¬† (Seemed like¬†owls were¬†everywhere I looked¬†for a couple of years?!).¬† I know many of you have written and asked if I could draw certain ‘school mascots’.¬† I smile every time I receive¬†a request like that…my elementary school mascot was the ‘Lincoln Elementary Bobcats’, and I¬†drew one in¬†5th grade that ‘won’ the¬†tee-shirt contest that year.¬† I was¬†SO proud to be seeing my design on the school¬†shirt.¬†¬†If¬†I have enough ‘requests’ for a certain mascot or theme, I would love to get busy drawing a download for you.
Again… I’m back in the saddle and rarin’ to go.¬† I have some¬†fun projects and downloads I’m working right now that I know¬†you’re¬†going to love.¬† Stay tuned…and do drop me a line here on the¬†DJ blog to let me know how YOU are and what¬†SMILES you need to get your¬†Back to School groove started.
Big heart and more SMILES to you!!

A happy miracle…

Darling DJ¬†Friends…


I want to share with you a ‘miracle’ that happened to me¬†this week.


It’s been a long (weird?) month.¬† Busy, crazy schedules, everyone I know seems to have some problems and issues that are difficult and the weather outside in Florida is getting hotter and more humid every day.¬† Not my favorite for sure.¬† You know…not really awful¬†stuff…just some¬†‘life crud’ stuff.


And then I received one of those little pink slips saying ‘come pick this up at the post office’ in my mailbox.¬† Thinking it was probably a free magazine subscription or something,¬†I let it sit on my bill¬†pile for a bit.¬† Then finally, after a week or so, could avoid it no longer and went to the post office and picked up a box from a name I didn’t know, from a city I’ve never heard of.


I hesitantly opened it up.¬† And what I found inside was nothing short of a miracle for me.¬† A big box full of projects¬†a fabulous¬†teacher had created with DJ Inker’s art¬†and made throughout her 22 year career in teaching.¬† I’ve asked her if it was ok to blog about it, and she assured me that it was fine.¬† Penny…an angel for sure…sent me a letter and project after darling project she had made for her kids, church and school over the years.¬† And included a letter that had me in tears from the first sentence, and smiles the rest of the time.¬† I don’t know Penny personally, but I love her.¬† She is on¬†a mission of kindness and love in her life that just made me stop in awe.¬† What a blessing to know people like she and her husband are doing.


I’ve said this many times…no one has a better ‘job’ than I do.¬† I crazy love¬†my work, the people¬† I meet and am able to draw for.¬†¬†I am wildly blessed in this area.¬† But!¬† There are some challenges for sure, and one¬†of them is loneliness on this side of the screen.¬†¬†I spend a lot of hours alone with my work, wondering if I’m¬†doing something that matters, and if I’ll be able to pay the bills.¬† So that is why… this incredible box from Penny was a miracle.¬†¬† I could go on and on about the projects she created with DJ Inker’s art, but the heart, time and effort she took to send it to me and share what she made was the miracle for me!


I know it takes a lot of time to add heart and smiles to the things we do.¬† And there are days (many) that we all wonder if it’s worth it.¬† And I can promise you, for sure…that it is.¬† What we do matters.¬† How we care, create and pass along the¬†love and smiles¬†in our lives¬†to those around us¬†truly does matter.¬† Penny knows this.¬† I know this for sure about Penny and many of you that care about your efforts to make this world a better place.¬† One smile at a time.


Much love and thank you for letting me be part of your creations and know for sure that you’re in my heart and thoughts as well.


Here’s to a fabulous June!!




P.S. Speaking of SMILES… did you know we’ve got a CONTEST going right now?¬† Yup… Just by taking a few minutes for your creative soul to make someone smile… you could WIN $25 to spend at DJ Inkers!!!


It’s easy.¬† All you have to do is create a ‘Smile Today’ card (a little note to make someone smile).¬† Click here to see the daily smiles that we have created for some inspiration!¬† Your ‘Smile Today’ card must include:¬† a happy thought or quote, 1+ DJ image, and 1+ DJ font.¬† Please size approximately: 3.5″ x 5″ (or 500 pixels x 700 pixels), wide or tall… in jpg or PDF format.¬† Email your entries to by: June 10, 2014.¬† Limit 3 entries per person.


TWO LUCKY WINNERS will get a $25 DJ gift certificate!¬† And your friends will be the official judges!!!¬† We will post all of our entries on facebook and pintrest… and let the voting begin.¬† The 2 entries with the most likes/shares/comments in a week will be our winners.¬† ūüôā¬† Winning entries will also be featured on next month’s Digital Crafting & Home Creations Email.¬† ūüôā

I’m not sure when I got hooked on DJ Inkers…

We are so happy to introduce our guest blogger, Patty Rutenbar! Take it away Patty…


I’m not sure when I got hooked (Ha! No pun intended!) on DJ Inkers, but I do know it was a long time ago.¬†¬† (The DJ behind DJ Inkers is Dianne Hook!)


When I first started blogging and creating things the only clip art I had was DJ Inkers.  I knew that they would allow me to make anything I wanted with their clip art and use it with my class. But in the beginning, I really want to start sharing what I made to see if others might like my work. I spoke with the staff from DJ Inkers several times to be sure that I was doing the right thing. At the time, their rule was that if you made something with their clip art you could only give it away for free. That was fine at first, but then I realized that if I could sell it, I might make a bit of money too.


Not long after that, DJ Inkers introduced their commercial licenses for people who wanted to sell things with their clip art or fonts. I picked up their license right away. Again, I asked lots of questions and they were always, ALWAYS very easy to talk to and had answers for me. I never felt criticized or shamed because I asked a silly question or if I needed to make some changes to something I was doing.


I always encourage others to pick up their license if they want to use DJ Inkers clip art or fonts. You can read more about it here.

Fraction Frenzy


If you go to¬†my store, you’ll see that I do have a lot of their clip art and fonts in my work. I’ve also been fortunate enough to have them buy some of my work.


(There’s a boost to my morale! Thinking that THEY like MY stuff was so exciting!)¬†¬† The first thing they bought from me was¬†Fraction Frenzy.¬† They even bought a few others too!


I want to show you how I recently incorporated some of their clip art with that of some other artists.

This is actually something I made last year, but it needed to be updated. It’s funny how I just loved it when I first made it, but now, I love it even more.


(Click the picture to go directly to my store.)


Because DJ fonts are so popular & great for making projects for school, we’ve decided to give away one ‘DJ Fonts for Teachers’ download!!! Hopefully this will help you with your creations.¬† Enter below…


Smiles to YOU…

Patty Rutenbar

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!!!

Dear DJ Friends…


Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!¬† It just makes me smile to type that out.¬† I know we sound like a broken record here at DJ Inker’s for our love of teachers (the many¬†various sorts).¬† But…truly… we’re so grateful for the many teachers we’ve worked with over the years.¬† Your support and creativity with how you’ve used DJ clipart and fonts over the years inspires us and keeps me going.¬† Really…I can’t thank you enough!


Going to drop into the ol’ memory bank here for a bit and tell you about my first grade teacher Mrs. Merrill.¬† In my¬†seven year old mind,¬†she was the prettiest teacher in our elementary school, smelled like jasmine and spoke in a quiet singsong voice.¬† She was the teacher that when it was her turn to¬†be the teacher on the playground, all we wanted to do for recess was hold her hand and listen to her stories about when she was young.¬† She also used a lot of Carson-Dellosa art work in her room and that’s when I fell deeply in love with big bold colors and cute smiles¬†on the bulletin boards she decorated our room with.¬† I can’t thank Mrs. Merrill enough for¬†‘planting the seed of creativity’ in me at an early age.¬† And I wish I could¬†buy the perfume she wore every day!¬† I know we all have¬†that one¬†special teacher that made a huge difference in our lives and sent us on a path we would have never gone on if they hadn’t presented a new way of learning and taught us the skills to achieve it.

To teach is to touch lives forever

As I’m sure every teacher has heard a million times,¬†“to teach is to touch lives forever”.¬† It’s an old quote, but a true one.¬† One week¬†during a year doesn’t seem like enough time to thank the teachers that have changed our lives forever.¬†¬†So it’s my sincere¬†hope that this week is a¬†fabulous one for every teacher, parent and educator!


Our way of thanking you is putting the entire DJ Inker’s¬†store on¬†SALE.¬† Every single smile your heart desires¬†at the DJ¬†store is 25% off (excluding commercial licenses).¬† And we have a bunch of ‘freebies’ and thank you gifts as well.¬† It’s our way of saying how much we appreciate working with each of you.¬† Stop by our website before the end of the day May 7, 2014 to enjoy the sales & smiles of Teacher Appreciation Week!


Huge heart and THANK YOU for being a teacher!  You are so appreciated.