So Thank FULL for YOU!

Dear Friends…

Happy Thanksgiving Day to you!  I truly hope this holiday is a beautiful one for you and your families.  Believe me…I know how hugely stressful they can be.  It’s amazing how just putting dinner together (or whatever ‘event’ you choose to do on Thanksgiving) can be riddled with so much stress.    But take a breath.  Know you’re appreciate and loved.  I’m sending you a thankful smile and heartfelt gratitude right this minute.  I never forget…because of you, I’m able to do what I love and share my art.   Together, we’re changing the world one smile at a time.


Our big huge wonderful SALE is going on storewide at DJ Inkers.   Yeahooo!  So grab the goodies, downloads, fonts and smiles that you’ve been wanting 🙂  A huge sale is a beautiful thing!

Gratitude, love and much heart to you!



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