Soup and Smiles to Share

Dear Friends…


I tend to ‘romanticize’ FALL. The colors, crisp air, sweaters, crunchy leaves everywhere…I really do love it. But here’s the truth. I’m cold! Changing climates from warm, humid Florida to very cool (not cold!) and brisk Washington is a shock to my system. The reality is… I’m typing this note, even in my warm little room here with mittens on! Ahhh. So my thoughts are on ‘what will warm me up?’ and I know the cure. Soup. I love making it, smelling it and especially eating it.


So today, I’m sharing two favorite soup recipes with you! Still not sure which one I’ll make because I love them both. But by the time I get the buttons all figured out on how to post these recipes so you can download them too, I hope the choice will be clear. I love to cook and I’m a big ‘slow-cooker’ fan. How did people survive without slow-cookers long ago??! It’s my favorite kitchen appliance for sure. And writing the recipes on the cards from A Cup of Cheer (one of my all time favorite collections of designs for recipe sharing, a quick thank you note or a tag to add for a gift) adds just the right amount of love and smiles to sharing this with you.

Hope you’re warm and enjoying the beautiful fall wherever you are. I’m off to the store to buy the ingredients now!

Simply click on one of the images above, then right-click & choose ‘save picture as’ or ‘save as.’)


Smiles, heart and warm soup to YOU!




6 thoughts on “Soup and Smiles to Share

    • You’re so funny JulieAnn! Go make the bacon soup for your granddaughter and know you’re loved! And appreciated 🙂 Hugs heart and smiles BFF!

  1. Yum, even from just reading the recipes! And, everything is better with bacon! Thanks so much for sharing. Can’t wait to try.

    • I couldn’t agree more with the bacon action Jeanette 🙂 My soup turned out GREAT…hope yours does too! (Gotta be honest…I added MORE BACON than the recipe calls for!!) lol! Hugs and baconsmiles!

    • I’ll trade recipes with you any day DARLING Kari 🙂 All the times you did my girls hair (and mine!). Hope life is as beautiful as YOU are. Hugs to you and the fam. Heart and smiles too 🙂

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