Summer Fun FREEBIE if you FOLLOW :)

Hip Hip Hooray!!  It’s finally here!  The good ol’ summertime….


And it’s time to share the summer love with a FREEBIE for my dear ‘blog followers.’  (I don’t know what the term for my friends on the other side of this screen is?!  Blog buddy??)   How about a darling download of beach and summer fun?!  Make a cute packing list for your summer vacation, a scrapbook page,  or a book mark for summer camp.  Whatever your creative heart desires!   We have such a great selection of darling clip art for summer… check it out and see how many CUTE SUMMER SMILES we have waiting for you!


Would you please do me a favor?  Will you tell other friends of yours to follow the DJ BLOG?  Pretty please??!  I laugh every time I see the FaceBook posts where someone is holding up a poster saying something like ‘I get a kitten if I get a million likes’.  And while I don’t want a kitten… I do want to see and know from you if and how to make the DJ Inker’s BLOG a good place for us to share ideas and smiles.   So… be sure to hit the FOLLOW button… tell a friend that they can get a darling DJ download for FREE if they follow the DJ BLOG.  It’ll be fun!! 


To make this very easy for you… I’ll send everyone that is FOLLOWING the DJ BLOG a FREE download link for the Beach Bums clip art download on June 11th.  So tell your friends, co-workers, and family about us and we’ll all share in the love!


Hope things are sunny and bright in your corner of the world my darling blog buddy!



Billions of SMILES and heart!!





16 thoughts on “Summer Fun FREEBIE if you FOLLOW :)

  1. Love all the new fun images. I’ve been using DJ clipart for a very long time. When cleaning out my son’s apartment after he passed away, I found bundles of envelopes and cards that I had added dj clipart to when he was in college and after, that he had saved. Now I’m making cards using dj’s clipart for my husband’s 4 yr old grandson! His Mom says he loves getting my cards in the mail 😀

    • Hi Janie! Great question… and ohhh my gosh have we tried to make that FOLLOW button ‘cuter’ and pop more. I don’t know this for SURE… but on my screen it’s on the bottom right corner (it’s and orange square that says ‘follow’). Hope that helps! Have a great day 🙂 !!

  2. I just ordered the Early Childhood Cd, can hardly wait for the bog stuff. I love your clipart! Already have several sets.

  3. Hi friends… We just emailed all of our followers this happy summer FREEBIE! 🙂 We are still new to the blog world, so we had a slight oops. The email came from an administrator email instead of our DJ Inkers customer service email. Just check your SPAM folders for a note from admin ( and you’ll see your freebie!

    Please email any questions or concerns to Thanks so much & have a wonderful summer! -The DJ Crew

  4. Wow! I just received the Beach Bums today and it is fantastic! THANKS so much !!

  5. I love your fonts and clip art. I’m saddened because I didn’t get the summer freebie. I’m going to check my spam however. I follow you because I’m always wanting something new from you. Keep up the great work!

  6. I love your products! I am a first time buyer and think they are awesome. Question. If there a way of enlargiing images that come with bullenting boards?
    Thanks and thank you for having just what I wanted!

    • Hi Carole…
      Thanks! We’re glad you love our stuff. 🙂 If you are buying actual bulletin boards… those images are pre-printed & very large already. They ship out & are ready to use. If you are looking at our DIGITAL bulletin board sets: the images are designed for 8.5×11 printing. However, the images are very high quality… so you could probably get away with printing them larger & not lose too much of the quality. You are welcome to send them to an office store for that service.

      Please let us know if you have any other questions. 🙂 Smiles to YOU!

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