Taaaa-daaaa!!! We happily welcome you to our new DJ Inkers website!

Darling DJ Friends!


It’s been too long since I’ve written a blog post!  So please forgive me if I ramble…


Have you ever moved from one house to another?  Thought you were buying a better, bigger house only to find a massive amount of work, deliberation and clueless-ness surrounding all the pieces and parts of the new house?  Well.  Without whining too much, that’s what moving to our new website has been.  (Ohhhh I have longed for the simpler, easier days when I just sold those cute little clip art books to stores and no one knew what a website was!)  But alas….it’s 2016 and for reasons unknown to me, we needed some updates on our website.


So taaaa-daaaa!!!  We happily welcome you to our new DJ Inkers website!  Faster, mobile-friendly, more searchable and cleaned-up (apparently).  For me, what I know for sure is I just want YOU to be able to find the smiles you need for the projects you’re creating.  I would SO appreciate your help/comments in knowing how the new DJ site is working for you.  It’s like asking your good friend what color to paint the walls or how to decorate your new house.  I value your opinion and what you have to say greatly.  Please let me know your thoughts 🙂


In fact… if you leave a comment below regarding our NEW website… we’ll send you a coupon for 40% off ONE item of your choice!  Wahoooo!



*DJ commercial licenses & renewals not eligible for discount.


I’ve been creating some fabulous, fun NEW stuff for summer… and smiles all year!  Can’t wait to show you what I’ve been busy with.  I think we’ll have a great time together creating one SMILE after another!


Sunny days, huge heart and smiles to YOU!





14 thoughts on “Taaaa-daaaa!!! We happily welcome you to our new DJ Inkers website!

  1. Hello…I love your new blog site! But I must confess, I never visited the old site, so I can’t really comment on the changes. However, I will tell you that this site is very attractive, user friendly, and enticing!! I know I’ll be visiting it more from now on! . And can I tell you how much I LOVE your products?! I’ve been hooked on DJ since I discovered your fonts in 1993!

    • Oh thank you, Ruth! We’ve got a new WEBSITE actually. 🙂 The blog is only a few years old though… don’t feel TOO bad. We appreciate your feedback and, even more, your continued support of DJ Inkers! 😀 Our long time fans are the BEST! Thank you so much for your compliments.

  2. I love my DJ Inkers. I have many and have been a customer since your beginning. I have a few of your products that don’t really like working on my newer computer. Is there a way to get an updated version or do I have to pay the whole cost of the new ones? Thank you for sharing your wonderful creativity. Kathy

  3. I love your new website. I like how all of the new products are listed together and I can click on anything that interests me. It is much more user friendly!

  4. Great website! Enjoy so many of your products. And, thank you for not staying just with the clip art books. 🙂

  5. Your website is so cheerful and user-friendly! I don’t remember well enough what the old site was like, but here are some things I especially appreciate:
    – From the search screen, I can click to add an item directly to my cart or my wish list (btw, the wish list itself is a great feature!)
    – I can click on the shopping cart, which gives me a quick view of what’s in it, and I then have the option right there to go into my cart or check out.
    – The site remembers my user name and password.
    – I appreciate that you mention in a product’s description if it is a part of another (larger) collection, or make note of a complimentary product, or whether there is a cd/download version as well. This helps me to make decisions about which product would best fit my needs.
    – And I appreciate that your voice is in it so it doesn’t feel like a generic automated experience (i.e., when I am assured that downloadable products don’t contribute to shipping costs).
    The only thing I’ve had trouble with is applying rewards dollars to my purchase when I’ll be using another payment too. But I haven’t worked at that too long; maybe I was just missing something.

    Thanks for all your work to make such a fun and friendly site! 🙂

    • Thank you SO much for such a thorough and well thought-out reply, Melissa! We really appreciate it. 🙂 Hopefully you got the ‘reward points’ figured out… but just in case: when you choose that as a payment method, you should see how many points you have available. You can apply all or just some. If you have a balance remaining, you’ll be redirected back to the cart to choose another payment method. Hope that helps!

  6. Hello! Looking forward to see what you share on this blog. I haven’t read it before, so will check it out. Have you considered getting Instagram? As a busy mom, that is more often what I look at these days because it is a bit quicker than blogs. Also, is there any other way to search a bit more specifically for clipart? On Google images, I see a picture of a bear in a wagon with some books, but after looking through everything on the site, I don’t see it. One more question-on the sample images on the site, do they include images of everything in the download package or just some of the items? Just curious! Looking forward to hearing back from you soon hopefully!

    • Katie,
      Thanks so much for taking time to comment. We haven’t blogged in a bit, so I apologize that we didn’t see your comment until now! To answer your questions…
      1. We have not looked into Instagram yet. I’ll add it to the list to check-out very soon though!
      2. If you’re looking for a VERY specific image, I’d suggest looking at our ‘Subjects’ menu. For example, you could look in Animals/Bears. OR just email smiles@djinkers.com and ask. We are happy to help you find specific images ANY time. I think the one you were looking for is on ‘Top of the Class.’ (Scroll down & you’ll see him on the library sample.)
      3. The sample images on a download are ALL included in the collection. The CD collections (including download versions) are too big to show ALL of the images included, so those titles just show a selection.
      Again, if you ever have any questions, we’d be glad to clarify for you. 🙂 Thanks again for your patience!

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