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Installing fonts on ipad or iphone

Author Alixess Spears
Last Modified 11/25/19 03:40 PM
Can you install a font on ipad or iphone? Yes... but from what we've found... it's pretty complicated. If you know of a simpler way or have found something cool that we don't have explained here... please email so that we can share the info with other customers. Here's the scoop...

We've had to do a little research. What we've learned, is that iOS systems (ipad & iphone) are not very user-friendly for downloading or installing fonts (or clip art). The process is much simpler on a desktop or laptop computer. So if you have the capability to use your fonts there… we strongly recommend it.

However, it can be done. There's 3 different processes that you need to know for your ipad or iphone. How to: 1) download 2) unzip 3) install a font

Download: First… please note that Safari cannot download most file types on an iOS (including zip files). So, in order to download the file, you'll need to try a different browser. You can try google chrome... or here are 2 suggestions we found for downloading files:
Atomic Browser (copy URL below): iCab Mobile (copy URL below):

Unzip:After you get the files downloaded, they also need to be unzipped. This process requires an app like winzip free or izip free. (You won't be able to access the contents of the zip file until you extract or unzip.)

Install font(s):After the file is unzipped you can install the fonts. Here is an article that explains it in detail. Yep... you need another app… they recommend one called AnyFont. Copy URL below:

Apparently, that'll do it. We are HAPPY to learn more if you have any helpful hints to make using an iOS easier for your fellow font lovers. :

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