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DJ Inkers has hundreds of fabulous fonts, cute clip art, teacher ideas, printable activities for kids and more! You won't know where to smile first.

Cute Clip Art

Get ready to add some fun, whimsy and pizzazz to your creations!  DJ Inkers has thousands of cute clipart designs for crafting, school, home and family, church, holidays and celebrations.  You can shop individual images, small themed sets or fully coordinating collections with hundreds of images and creative options (and an incredible value).   Designs come in black & white and color (in user-friendly formats) for versatility and convenience.   We want to help YOU create a smile! Click here to shop our huge selection of irresistible clip art now.

Fun Fonts

In just one click, you can take a simple project to a whole new level with our famous DJ fonts.  We've got fabulous hand-drawn lettering for any occasion, style or theme.  Try a single font download or check-out our award-winning FONTastic collections (on CD or download).  You can even try one for free!  You'll love the variety... and our unique lettering styles are sure to make typing FUN.  Shop DJ's designer fonts now...

Printables and fun for early education

Teachers, youth group leaders and parents with young kids will love DJ Inkers' ready-made printables.  We've got everything from file folder games and fun learning activities to party decorations and gift ideas.  All you have to do is print and enjoy.

Don't miss our Kidoodlez school curriculum collection full of designs for 7 different school subjects!  There's the Early Years (preschool & kindergarten), Language Arts, Science & Math, the Arts, Health & Life, USA (state symbols) and our Wonderful World.  It's some of our best work (with rave customer reviews too).

Simple, quick & friendly

As soon as your order is placed, you have immediate access to your download links (valid for 72 hours).  That way you can unzip the files and get right to the fun part! 

Email customer service any time you need assistance, ideas or just a fresh link for your purchases.   We're here to help you! :)

DJ Inkers really adds something special to your projects.  If you want to sell your creations, check-out DJ's lifetime Commercial License for teachers and small businesses.  You'll get exclusive discounts on every order too!

DJ Inkers has been creating smiles for over 25 years!  We're a small family company that started in our garage... and we can honestly say that we love what we do and we care about our customers. We put our hearts & smiles intoevery product to help make your creations better, brighter & easier.  We can't wait to see what YOU create!

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