Blog DJ Inkers 2013 will be the BEST year!

2013 will be the BEST year!

/ By: DJ Inkers Staff
Dear Friends....   HAPPY NEW YEAR!!   


  I love a fresh start...for anything!  And especially a new year.  It feels like a 'do-over'.  Another chance to get it all 'straight' and good again.  I'm much better at looking forward instead of looking back and trying to make amends with all the crazy things that happen.  I've been accused of being Pollyanna more than I can tell you.  lol!  But I'm ok with that.   I hope your holiday week has been blessed with love and heart and shared smiles.    As I woke up this morning I thought again how fortunate I am be here right now.   A favorite poet, Walt Whitman put it best..."Happiness, knowledge, not in another place, not for another hour...but for this hour".   Much love and many smile to you today! Take some time for YOU today.   Dianne