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Amazing sales and ideas for the holidays... in your jammies!

/ By: Alixess Spears
Darling DJ Friends....  
It's the MOOOOST wonnnnderfullll SALE of the yeeeear!!  (I'm singing that to a well known Christmas tune as I write this to you!)  We have the entire DJ Inker's store on SALE this weekend!  25% off of everything!!! Yeahoooo!  And talk about a host of DJ Freebies and fun, NEW ideas that will delight you...we are stocked up!!
  Come visit our website and let us help you create some holiday magic this year.  (Sale ends Cyber Monday 11/28 at midnight.)
I'm VERY happy to report... I'm writing this note to you in jammies, no make-up, a cup of eggnog at my side and no plans to go 'out' and conquer the shopping madness this weekend.  Instead... I'm 'home shopping' from my computer seeing amazing sales and ideas for the holiday season.  It's fabulous!  I love shopping this way :)
Hope your hearts and tummies are full from your Thanksgiving holiday.  And your shopping baskets are full of love, smiles and good will to all!
Heart, Peace and Love to you!
Edited: 11/25/16 10:18 PM