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/ By: DJ Inkers Staff
Hello my DARLING DJ Friends...   I've gotta tell you.... it's getting pretty crazy and exciting around here with the coming arrival of TWO new grandbabies!  The past month has been filled with baby showers, growing bellies, shocking discoveries on what it takes to 'grow a baby, questions on "how did you do this??" and more from my two daughters that are just about ready to POP!  I'm so excited!!  I can't even begin to tell you how much I'm looking forward to simply smelling that 'new baby smell' again.  And that's just one of a million things that I'm excited for with new grandbabies!  It makes me smile BIG just thinking about it.   And all the cute toys, baby things and fun gifts they've received from family and friends have been more than inspiring on the artistic side of things.  Ahhh!!  So. Dang.  Cute!!  


  Which leads me to this weeks' fabulous 'new' DJ collection of downloads.  DJ Baby Bundles.  It's no surprise that's where my head and heart are right now with my grandbabies on their way!   This is a baby collection I drew a bunch of years ago that we've completely re-colored and re-formatted for YOU and your clip art needs today.   So... some of you might have some of these images in your collection from the past...but I promise you, you'll want them again!  They're just a LOT better and easy to use in the updated formats and colors.  So... whether you have a new one on the way, or you're looking for darling art to create a shower invite, baby scrapbook, wall plaque or something OHHH-SO-CUTE for a little new one in your'll love the Baby Bundles designs.  There's four darling baby downloads you'll just LOVE for creating and making NEW SMILES for the babies in your home and heart!   I'll keep you posted on how MY babies are progressing, and the smiles I have in the works for the ubber darling things I'm making for my precious ones...and I hope you'll do the same!  Stay in touch with me and let me know what you're creating and posting to FaceBook and Pinterest with the DJ Baby Bundles collection.    Oh!  I'm SO excited.    :)   Smiles Heart and Love to YOU!   Dianne
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