Blog DJ Inkers Can't some things just be EASY!?

Can't some things just be EASY!?

/ By: DJ Inkers Staff
Hi my fabulous Fall Friends!   I am happy to report I'm learning one new blogging 'thing' a day. And it's NOT easy.  My first big question to our computer wiz was “can I push any button that will blow my computer up and destroy all my stuff?”.  So elated the answer was “no!”. Getting a blog to look 'right' is somewhat like decorating a house. All the little buttons and things and colors to choose what to put up on the walls and what to take down so it doesn't look 'messy' overwhelming (to me!). But I'm catching on.  Apparently you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. :) But sometimes don't you just want things to be EASY? I know I do. That's why I love and want you to know about DJ Inker's Activity Downloads. Especially the Lil' Goblin Games Activity Download on SALE this week. We made it as easy as we possibly knew how, to download, print, and enjoy with your kids.  I was a 'room mother' for many years with my five children and coming up with games and activities for holiday parties in the class took a lot of time. That was a big part of the reason why I wanted to make something quick and cute to print off and be ready to GO... available on DJ Inkers website. Check it out and see what I mean.  If you have a Halloween party coming up at school or anywhere I know you'll love this set.   It will be so EASY to create a smile this Halloween!

Big EASY happy smiles to YOU! Dianne