Blog DJ Inkers Celebrating HEARTS!

Celebrating HEARTS!

/ By: DJ Inkers Staff
Darling Friends…   Hope you’re doing great and staying warm wherever you are!  Baby it’s cold outside is an understatement for most of the USA right now.  Here, in lovely semi-warm central Florida, I even have a couple of sweaters on!   What a great time to stay inside and do some darling digital projects.  Like a VALENTINE MAILBOX!!   Remember how much fun that was as a kid to make one and receive all the cards at school?  It’s easy, fun and ohh-so-cute!   And FONTASTIC 3 is on sale this week too (hooray!!).   If you haven’t got this set of fonts…trust me on this one.  They’re ‘just right’ for personalizing your projects.  You’ll love them.   Hearts have always been (and forever will be!) my favorite thing to doodle.  I started a sketchbook of ‘just hearts’ many years ago…and those sketches of hearts of all sorts, sizes and shapes is one of my treasures.  So you can imagine how much I love Valentine’s Day.   So we’re going to be celebrating ‘hearts’ all month.  Check our website out often so you can see designs and projects we will be adding to help and create with you.   Much love, hearts and SMILES to you! Dianne