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Cowgirl UP Y'all!

/ By: DJ Inkers Staff
Yeahooo!  Happy summer y'all!
Giddy UP and yippie-ki-yi-yea all July long!!!  I don't know how many of my blog buddies out there are cowboy fans... but I have to tell ya... I've always wanted to be a cowgirl deep down inside.  The rodeo's, horses, riding home on the range, singing the good ol' songs, campfires and the country comfort food.  YUM!  There's just something so romantic to me about the whole 'cowboy scene'.   That's why I had to draw July's SNIPPETS with the 'cowgirl inside of me', in mind.  It's just all so dern cute!   I hope you enjoy it.  Fix up some notes for the family reunion, add some of the images to your blog, make a cute calendar, or an invite with your sweetheart to the rodeo .  And!  Hot-diggity-dog.... the DJ Cowboy Font that comes with the July Snippets clip art set is TOO cute!
July Snippets
June was over-the-top WILD and wonderful!!  I turned 50 (yeahoo!) and my honey threw the best birthday party I've ever had in my whole entire life.  I'm still 'tear'd up' (as grandpa would say) over the whole marvelous ordeal.  Loved ones all around, gifts and stories galore.  It was just the sweetest day of my life.  And if that weren't enough... I know I've told you this, but my two oldest daughters are having their first babies.  I'm going to be a new grandma twice!!  In a month.  As I write this note to you, my daughter is in 'pre-labor'  (whatever that means these days) and I'm waiting for 'the call' to meet her at the hospital.  It's just about more happiness than this girl can take.  Good thing I keep my sketch book and drawing supplies close at hand and in all my back-and-forth craziness, drawing and putting together cute downloads is what I do to 'settle down'.
So forgive me for not being right on top of this blog action.  I know you understand!  It's all I can do to keep up with myself and my growing fabulous family and friends and the hot summer action.  And I certainly count you as one of them.  Thank you for the sweet comments and extremely kind words you've left on Face Book Pinterest and the DJ Blog.  It means SO much to me.  I'm thrilled that you liked the DJ BLOG FREEBIE.  Thank you again to everyone that participated and told your friends about us.  DJ Inker's has the very best customers!
I'll keep you posted on the new arrival!  Until then... I'll have my DJ Crew backing me up to keep you in SMILES.  
Much LOVE and heart!  Cowgirl up y'all!
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