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Cute teacher projects (& freebies) to inspire your classroom!

/ By: Alixess Spears
Dear DJ teacher friends,   We find ourselves shocked, once again, at how fast the time has flown by.  Hopefully you're all settled into the new school year by now... and the back to school season was a breeze.  It certainly kept us busy this year ...which is GREAT!  (That's probably why the time has gone so fast too.)  But, before we FALL completely into autumn... and Halloween, then Thanksgiving & Christmas (yikes!)... we simply HAD to pause and share some incredible classroom smiles with you.   We can't say enough how much we LOVE seeing the things that YOU create using our clip art and fonts.  :)  This back to school season, we were fortunate enough to see SEVEN wonderfully creative teacher projects as we promoted our classic teacher clip art collection, Kidillywinks.  These projects definitely inspired us... and we hope they'll inspire YOU too.  Just click on any of the images below to visit the blog post about that project.  MOST of them are FREEBIES for you to download & enjoy!!!   First... we can't wait for you to see these adorable Puzzle Counting Strips for young learners!  (Counting by ones: 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, & counting by tens: 10-100.)  Created by Patty Rutenbar at Puzzle Strips for Counting Next up, you'll love these fun Brag Tags by Wendy at  Use these after assessments, goal setting, report cards, etc.  What a great way to encourage hard work and smiles among your students.  :D Brag Tags Kindergarten Nana made several really clever creations for her classroom this year.  Shown here, she used Kidillywinks to add some character to her Kindergarten schedule, and created some great activities and printable board games for her students.  Read all about these projects (& more) at Kindergarten Projects Kara Rickman at used our Kidillywinks graphics to create a fabulous Back to School writing and graphic organizer packet.  "Your students will LOVE these writing and graphic organizers because it's all about them! (And, who doesn't like to write about themselves????)" Back to School Writing Ttemplates You'll always find something innovative and cute at  Mary Catherine created some printable homework calendars for her classroom... and made them editable for YOU to enjoy too!  When she lists daily homework for young kids, she likes to include a variety of tasks that kids can do – sometimes with their families, and sometimes on their own. "My goal is for my students, and their parents, to see how learning can take place in a wide variety of ways."  Be sure to check-out her post for more thoughtful words about homework & directions for using her free printable. Homework Calendar The last 2 projects were so AWESOME, that we featured them on a previous blog post during Back to School.   Want to learn more about Palma Lindsay's cute 'craftivity' that builds mental math while your students are having FUN?  {Click Here}   Or {Click Here} to see Ashley Reed's delightfully simple (& editable) Teacher Notes.   Thank you AGAIN, you amazing teacher bloggers.  We're so glad you shared your talents with us!  <3 We wish you all the best, success and HUGE smiles in your classroom.   Smiles to YOU!   -Dianne & Crew DJ Inkers Save Save Save Save Save Save