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Decorate your kids bedrooms, nursery or playroom with a DJ smile!

/ By: DJ Inkers Staff
Hello DJ friends... I'm Alix (office manager, director, Dianne's daughter etc. at DJ Inkers)... and I'll be your guest blogger for this evening.  :)  As some of you may know, I recently had my first baby... 9 days after my sister, Abby had her first baby.  Yep, these 2 adorable boys have made DJ a grandma.  (And let me just say, she is GOOD at it!)   Well, naturally, as we were preparing for the boys to arrive, I began to do a little nesting.  (OK, a lot of nesting.)  My hubby and I went crazy coming-up with new ideas & decorations for our fun pirate themed nursery.  Suddenly, I began to see DJ Inker's clip art in a whole new light.  It is PERFECT for making customized & ridiculously cute things for my baby boy.  I could go on about all of these ideas for pages, but I won't.  Today, I just want to focus on using our cute clip art and fonts for decorating your kid's rooms!   We decided to use 'Pirate's Plunder' to make some cool pictures & a custom name sign to frame-up for Jackson's wall.  It was truly the easiest thing... and we get compliments on these all the time.  Pick a theme, find some art & a font that you LOVE, then play!  Once we were happy with the layout, we got some inexpensive frames at the craft store & voila!  Customized, unique decorations in my theme.  Have a look:  

Pirate Room

We had so much fun, we couldn't stop there!  My mom also continued the theme & the fun piratey ideas for our baby shower invitations, thank you notes & more!

Pirate baby shower

It was such an amazing experience to go through pregnancy with my sister.  We went through all of the ups and downs together, shared ideas & advice & whined on each other's shoulders about 'WHEN will these boys finally come OUT?!?!'  So, of course, I had to make a little something for my nephew using DJ clip art too!  Abby had a jungle theme going for her nursery, so I busted out 'Critter Craze.'  This project, again, was really FUN to make, perfectly customized and looked quite professional finished-out in a basic black frame.  (Note, for this project I also used a few images from my personal favorite collection: 'Kidoodlez: Wonder-Full World.')  I'm pretty proud of how this turned out:


Critter Craze name sign

The possibilities for decorating are truly endless.  We've got sweet, cute or playful clip art for just about any theme you can come-up with.  If you're ever looking for something specific, don't hesitate to email us & ask (  We love helping you with your projects and, even MORE, we love to see the things that you create.  It's truly inspiring.  Seeing your creations makes our art come to life and reminds us why we do what we do here at DJ Inkers.  I hope this post gives YOU some fun ideas for projects to make... and a fun new way to look at clip art.

  Smiles to YOU! Alix :