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Desktop Smiles!

/ By: DJ Inkers Staff
Darling Friends…   Ever have one of ‘those weeks’…where no matter how hard you try and plan for the best and happiest of days or weeks…they just don’t go that way?  Of course we all do.  We’re human and can try all we possibly can to force ‘only good’ and difficult things happen anyway.   Last week was riddled with one crappy thing after another.  Car crashes (everyone is physically fine), flooded basements,  broken pipes, my honey gone out of town for work, strangers in desperate need of help, and weird family drama.  Oh!  And did I mention the flu??  To top it all off.   With each ‘crappy thing’ that happened,  I closed my eyes and said a ‘thank you’ prayer.  My operative word was ’gratitude’.  It all could have been so much worse.   I know that.  It didn’t take long before I talked to friends and family and heard stories that made my week look like a carnival ride.  So I say thank you again.  Perspective is everything.   Because I spend so much time at my computer and look at my ‘desktop background’ often… I wanted to share it with you.  I made it with the new DJ January Snippets and DJ Delightful Days Calendar.  Easy and cute.  Simple to put together and personalize.  And it made me smile during all the yucky calls.   As you can see ‘crap’ is not scheduled anywhere on the calendar!  But it happens.  And the best thing I can do is SMILE and be grateful for my problems. jan-calendar May this week be a beautiful and GOOD one for all of us!   Make a desktop background for yourself (or buy already completed DJ Desktop Smiles Vol. 1) reminding you to smile (at least a little bit!).   Big HEART and THANKS! Dianne