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Fall and Framework

/ By: DJ Inkers Staff
Happy Autumn Friends!   It's my absolute favorite time of the year. And lucky for me I am in stunning, cool, fall weather with my honey in Washington state. I've pulled all my sweaters from the back of the closet, the fireplace is on most evenings now and making soup is a pleasure! Ahhh....and Autumn just feels good to my soul!   This week Framework is on sale at DJ Inker's. It's such a great CD collection. I had a blast drawing the designs for this project. Big, bold, fun shapes you can size on your computer to fit whatever you're creating. I know a lot of you are teachers (of one sort or the other) and I have to say that Framework is a CD you'll LOVE all year long. I certainly had teachers in mind when I drew this collection. Teachers are always requesting borders and frames of sorts for their students to write inside and give a little extra flair to worksheets and handouts. I also had scrapbookers in mind too. Journaling blocks are a big deal in scrapbooking. It's so easy to size and print out the desired shape from Framework CD, and hand-write or use a font in the lined or unlined border...the end result is fun and cute. If you already have Framework in your DJ collection, let me know how it's worked for you. I love hearing from you. It helps so much to know what works and helps you create your projects.   I've printed a couple of pages of my favorite fall designs from Framework and used them to write small notes to family/friends and post 'reminders' on the fridge.   It's just a small thing...but I love the touch of whimsey and heart that goes with these designs. It's those little extra things that we do that add up and matter in the long haul. A smile a day....that's my motto.   I hope YOUR autumn is fabulous too! Big smiles, bright orange leaves and hugs   Dianne  
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