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Fall or Winter

/ By: DJ Inkers Staff
Darling Friends....   Well. It happened. NO! Not the election...although I personally am happy that I won't have to hear one more ad, see one more sign and hear about elections incessantly in the media. What happened was WINTER showed up on my door this morning. You know the morning you need an extra quilt on the bed, hand gloves, a thicker coat and need to keep re-heating your coffee? It was THAT morning for me. The leaves are almost off the trees and the lawn is definitely brown. And if that wasn't enough to prove winter is unofficially here, every store I've walked into since the middle of October has at least an isle, if not an entire section, devoted to Christmas Holidays. How do YOU feel about this? We have been talking a lot about it at DJ Inker's (we do every year!). Are you ready for winter? Does it seem like the Christmas Holidays get more attention, earlier and earlier each year? Honestly, I'm a little 'bugged' by that. I really love the Fall (Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.) and it doesn't seem like it gets a whole lot of love. Maybe I'm just a seasonal kinda gal. And enjoy each season as it's happening. Do you think we should skip right to Christmas/Holiday sales and designs or do you like to create things for Fall as well? We have SO many darling downloads and designs in our Thanksgiving Smiles section. But the most important thing for us at DJ Inker's to share with you what YOU need and want. I would love to hear from you. And in my quest to continue learning all these darn buttons on the blog stuff, I have learned how to do a 'blog poll' if that makes it easier to give a response to the question here. Hooray!! Welcome winter! So long Fall. It was a beautiful one. Warm hands and hearts... Dianne