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Fun new DJ Font

/ By: DJ Inkers Staff
Howdy Friends!   Wanted to let you all know about the NEW DJ Crayon Block font and Crayon Borders clip art set available for YOU at DJ Inkers. I know I've said this before....BUT!  I love creating new fonts.  And this one has me smiling all over the place.   Lettering and alphabets have always been my favorite 'thing' to draw.  And  this SO good!  If you're a teacher or someone with small children then you will especially LOVE it!

dj crayon block font sample

Give it a try.  We often get a lot of requests for the 'crayon look'... for great reason.  It's just so dern cute!  Now with a NEW DJ Crayon Block font to go with it.  There'll be no end to the fun you're going to create!   Hope your week is absolutely wonderful and sweet! Big heart and SMILES!
Edited: 03/20/13 07:33 PM