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Get a whole lotta cute for a dollar!

/ By: DJ Inkers Staff
Happy Springtime my Friends...   Hooray!!  I'm so excited that we have GREAT new 'DJ Quick Pics' just in time for your new spring creations .  Check them all out!  For a dollar you can get a WHOLE lot of CUTE!  Decorate your calendar, add a smile to your blog, use it for a background screen on your phone or notepad,  make a scrapbook page of your Easter memories, print off the 'dress up bunny' for your kids or grandkids and teach them how to play 'paper dolls' (like we did in the 'olden days' lol!!).    And while you're looking through all the cute you can get for a dollar... check out the new MAGICAL Storybook Alphabet and see how well it coordinates with the Magic Garden Clip Art set.     Just makes me grin from ear to ear thinking of all the cute things to create!  


I've been traveling for the past couple of weeks in the NorthWest part of the US.  Seeing springtime signs every where I go.   I couldn't love it more!  The lime green new leaves on the trees, tulips and daffodils and light spring rain... ahh.  It's energizing and beautiful to my soul.    I hope spring is popping up with love and heart where you are too!   Spring Smiles and Hugs   Dianne
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