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Good Tidings! DJ Inker's storewide SALE!

/ By: DJ Inkers Staff
Dear Friends... Taaaa Daaa!!!  Feels SO good that my holiday shopping is DONE!  All online and in my jammies no less.  There was a time (so long ago) that all the gifts I gave were homemade and took me months and sleepless nights to complete.  I was such a die-hard 'accomplisher' ...and young and not 50 (lol!).   Those were the good ol' days for sure.   My honey and I had more time to relax and laugh with family and eat leftovers all weekend because we did it all online.  I've definitely decided it's the way to go!   More time for smiles, heart and enjoying the season's blessings.   It's why we love the DJ Inker's once a year 25% off the entire store sale....because we know you look forward to getting all the grins and creative downloads your heart desires on SALE!

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It ends at midnight click on over now and give the gift of a grin (for yourself too!) this year!   Holiday Happiness to YOU!!   Dianne