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/ By: DJ Inkers Staff
Darling Friends...   It's been a while since I've 'blogged'.  Things are always crazy in my neck of the woods.  I'm sure for you too.  Life seems to be going by at warp speed lately.  I miss writing and sharing with you.  And thank you for the sweet comments on the new DJ Inker's site.  I love it too!  So bright and fun.  Plus easy to find all the cute downloads you're looking for now. I have some fabulous news I want to share.  I'm going to be a Grandma not ONCE but TWICE in a few months!!  Both of my oldest daughters are pregnant with baby boys (ultrasound said they were anyway).  I can't wait!!  And I'm sort of 'afraid'.  Not of the babies (I had 5) but of being a 'Grandma'.  Am I 'old' enough for that?  Am I 'wise' enough?  Am I going to know how to be the 'good gramma' that my mother was?  I really miss having my mother here to let me know how to handle life's many situations with grace, strength and laughter as she did so beautifully.  Hopefully, she'll whisper from heaven in my ear and let me know all the 'grandma secrets'.


One thing I do know for sure.  I'll have the cutest clip art in the world for these babies!  I'm doodling baby things all over the place currently.  And the Doodlers monthly downloads have been fabulous for the many projects I'm going to make for the little ones on their way.  Check them out... (I made the little sign here with April Doodlers)   Send me your 'grandma advice'.  I'd love to know all the little secrets that make them the most special people in the world (grandpa's too!).   Much heart & love!   Dianne