DJ Inkers Howdy DJ Inker's Friends!!...

Howdy DJ Inker's Friends!!

10/02/12 / By: Name Deleted
Testing....testing...1..2..3..... Hello Friends!  
I can't tell you how nervous and excited I am to be starting the DJ Inker's Blog!  
Nervous because I don't have an inkling of whether I'm writing and sharing too much or too little... and excited because in this crazy digital age, I miss communicating directly with my friends and the wonderful supportive customers of DJ Inkers. They (whoever  THEY are!) keep telling me “Dianne... you have to write a blog!”  I've resisted and tugged and pulled on this idea for too long now... and so TODAY is the day!  
Until I got in the right frame of mind and remembered it was friends and fellow teachers/artists/creators of cute things that will be on the other side of this screen... a blog just seemed a little impersonal. Then I started reading a few (ok... maybe closer to a few hundred!) different blogs of people I like, authors I've read, cooking shows I make recipes from, family members I haven't heard from in years...and thought “ohhhhh! I'm just writing to share my love of what I do and maybe some better ways to create different projects...with people that love the same thing!”  This can only be a good thing...right?!  
Drawing and creating happy, fun designs and fonts for home, school, office, scrapbooking, what I would do if I wasn't making a cent. Don't they always say “do what you love and the money will follow?” My Dad said it another way....”  You better love what you're doing... because you'll be doing a LOT of it!”  So again, thank you for your support over the years in my art and business. I've met many of you face to face at trade shows, book fairs, PTA meetings, grocery stores, etc... and every time I'm humbled and grateful that something I've drawn, made just a wee bit of a difference for you in what you've created too. I know how blessed I am with my work. And thank you SO much for being part of this.   Let me know if anyone is on the other side... (pretty please)... and let's help each other. I think that's what it's all about anyway... how to help each other smile... and be happy. Smiles and heart to YOU! Dianne  
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