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Love Your Pet

/ By: Alixess Spears
Dear DJ Friends...   Hope February is absolutely fabulous for you!   I found out while listening to the radio the other day that it's 'Love Your Pet' month.  (Who decides these interesting if random themed months??).  It makes sense though.  There's nothing like the love and loyalty you have with these critters we take care of, adore, feed and love.  I'm thrilled a whole month is devoted to celebrating Pets. kirby   I know many of you are my Facebook friends as well, and I mentioned it there (cried my eyes out is more like it!) that my loyal companion Kirby died a couple of months ago.  I miss him terribly... he was such a dear friend, shadow and muse for me.  There's not a day that goes by I don't miss his big ol' red furry body laying right next to me as I work.  And if that wasn't tough enough, last month, my cat Tomato walked off into the night and is lost, probably gone to heaven as well.   They really loved each other.  So it makes sense.   petsThat's why it was comforting and brought me to a happy place again drawing the New PET SET this month.  Many of you have requested this set for a while here it is!  If I missed including your 'pet' in this set... forgive me!  Our Critter Craze CD has hundreds more and I'm sure you can find it there.   Take your dog for a walk.  Give your kitty a little extra attention.  Stop just a minute today and be thankful for the pets in your life!   Hugs heart and SMILES to YOU!   Dianne   P.S.  Adopt a pet at a shelter if you're looking.  They're the best pets...and want/need a loving home desperately!