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Make some bunny smile today!

/ By: Alixess Spears
Hello darling DJ friends...   Are you ready for the holiday weekend?  There are so many different celebrations and special occasions around the world this time of year!  Wherever you are, we hope that be the reason some bunny smilesit's full of love, family and happiness.  As we began making plans for spring and summer at DJ Inkers, we looked at the last blog post (FaLaLa Llamas!?!?!) and realized that it has been entirely TOO long since we’ve written.  So much has happened in just a few months.  I don’t know about you… but I’m already looking forward to summer.  I fantasize about just laying on the beach and watching waves go in an out.  With a large family (and growing!), time to simply relax is more and more rare these days.   But, oooh... isn't that exciting? 💜 Our family is growing!  My daughter, Kaylie, and her husband, Mohamed are having their first baby in a few months!!  Kaylie does a lot of our customer service work here at DJ Inkers.  We truly are a family company!  😊💙  So naturally, babies are on the brain around here... which is why we put together a really darling "bundle" of printables for a Baby Shower!  Now that it's ready... it will definitely make life easier for us as we plan our own.  Maybe it will help some of YOU who have a shower to plan too!   Baby Shower Bundles printables and activities [gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="1473,1474"] The set comes with a darling invitation, gift list and thank you card, a silly shower scavenger hunt, wishes for baby and a fun diaper note activity, signs for gifts and treats, Books for Baby and Display Shower cards, and 2 sweet little treat tags (perfect for bubbles, cake pops, popcorn, gum, soda, balloons and more)! 🌸🍼💜   We made it using our Baby Bundles clip art with DJ Joy and DJ Bizzy fonts (all on sale through April 24th).   We hope you like it... and share it with a friend who might need it.  😉   Be the reason some-bunny smiles today!   Wishing you a wonderful weekend full of sweets and smiles!   Dianne