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Making your own party decorations is so much FUN!

/ By: DJ Inkers Staff
Hello DJ friends,   bdayboyIt's Alix!  Dianne's daughter & DJ Inker's office manager.  I just HAD to take a moment to share MY latest DJ smile with you.  Sure, I get to create cute stuff with our art all the time... but I get really giddy when I get to use our stuff for my own purposes... and have some FUN.  Personally, my favorite time to bust out something cute & creative is a party.   Recently, my little boy, Jackson, turned 2! :)  He is just hilarious ...and totally has a mind of his own.  Most of the time his mind is on cars.  He has been making car sounds & watching them intently since he was 6 months old.  So, naturally, cars & things that go VRRROoooom made the perfect theme for the party.  (Jackson's birthday is just 9 days after his cousin Devin's, so we made it a joint effort & had a double party!)  Hooray!  An excuse to play with clip art! bdays Now that I have kids, I have more reasons than ever to use my mom's adorable images... and less time on my hands!  My two kids certainly know how to keep me on my toes.  Luckily, I know a few tricks... & creating with clip art is not only fun, it's easy.  Once I had an idea in mind, it was a snap to pull the images together & add my text in a coordinating DJ font.  We seriously have an image for just about anything after 25 years, so finding what I needed was a piece of cake!  ;)  (In case you are wondering, I used mostly 'August Whimzee,' 'Top of the Class' & 'DJ Bendy.')  BTW... if you are ever looking for something specific, just email us.  We'd be happy to direct you to some options & share our ideas with you.  If we don't have what you need... we will add it to the request list.  You never know.  So many of our images are based on the requests we get from customers just like YOU!   fuel-sign Here's my best tip for making a project look finished, professional & clean: mounting!  All I did with these posters is print them on regular printer paper, trim a little off the edges, and glued them to some black card-stock.  Mounting will make any project look sharp & tidy (with very little effort).  Of course, you can use colored or printed designer papers too.  AND... the same technique applies to digital.  Add a border.  Even a simple, thin black line makes a big difference.   I got a lot of compliments on our cute decoration ideas & the coordinating party favor tags.  They really were simple, quick & enjoyable to make too!  It made our party decor unique, customized & gave us a great conversation piece.  It was nice to have something that I made myself on display.  :)  Well, I hope this helps spark a few fun ideas for you... whether for a birthday party, classroom party or holiday!  Start thinking about what you'd like to make for YOUR next party & give it a try.  ;) bday   AND... speaking of birthdays... we are celebrating DJ Inker's 25th birthday this year!!!  Can you believe it?  Some of you have been with us since cut & copy books & rubber stamps.  Whether you've been a fan for 25 years... or you're just getting started... THANK YOU for your support and for helping us share our smiles with the world.  :)  Be sure to visit our site this week & check-out the incredible savings on birthday clip art & ALL of our Fontastic collections!   Smiles to YOU!   -Alix
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