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New skills and a new DJ FONT

/ By: DJ Inkers Staff
Darling Friends!   Hope your weekend is completely wonderful and full of FALL fun!   Just wanted to drop a quick note and tell you ALL thank you for your response to my 'blogging attempts'. Sheeze. There is SO much I don't know yet (like how to upload a photo!). And the kind words and thoughts you've left to remind and support me through this process have warmed my heart! Wish I could reach through and give you all a heartfelt hug. It's meant a lot to me.   So my very first attempt at uploading a photo/sample is this one... My lovely and amazing daughter/office manager at DJ Inkers, Alixess Spears, is taking precious time this Saturday to walk me through it. There are definite advantages to being the mom AND the boss! How they just KNOW this stuff just baffles me!?!   Our new font DJ Blocky is too much fun. I could (and have) typed with it all day. The sample above is using DJ Blocky and designs from Spooktacular Smiles. Gotta be honest...drawing fonts and letters really is my favorite thing. I love letters of every kind, shape and size. And creating a 'font' can be very tricky...I keep my fingers crossed just hoping what I've drawn will translate correctly into a fabulous font! And this one did. HOORAY! Hope you like it too.   Now that I 'think' I know how to upload a photo or two I'm deeply satisfied I've done some good today!! And for now I'll quit playing with fun DJ fonts and blogging and try to get some cleaning and laundry finished. (I'd much rather be drawing!).   Big smiles and HUGE thanks again!     Dianne  
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