Smile today!

/ By: Alixess Spears
Hooray!!  The weekend is finally here!   And to kick it off 'right'...I wanted to send you a happy little thought we'd like to call:  'Smile Today.'  I've posted a few of these DJ Daily Smiles to our gallery, Facebook and Pinterest.  (I know the word 'daily' is deceiving...but DJ whenever-I-can-get-to-it just didn't sound right!)  It makes me SO happy when I can pass on a smile and see them pop-up DJ Smile Today 5on all the social media places. I created this one with DJ Early Years Art (which is, happily, on SALE this week! Yeahoo!) and our NEW DJ Simple font.   Will you help me out?  Please leave me a comment on the DJ Blog with your favorite saying or quote. I'd love to use some of YOUR inspiring words to create future DJ Daily Smiles.  There's a CONTEST below with a great prize involved if you DO!  ;)   If you want to create your own DJ Daily smile with your favorite DJ clip art and DJ fonts (ohhh please do!!), simply save it as a jpg and email it to  We will share it with the whole fabulous DJ world!   May your weekend be restful and full of whatever helps your recover from a long week!   Big heart and smiles to YOU!   Dianne a Rafflecopter giveaway
Edited: 02/22/14 02:56 AM