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Clarification of business use for DJ Commercial Licenses

Dear friends,

Recently, we've had a few customers ask about business use of our commercial licenses. As it turns out... our terms did need a little clarification. Thank you for bearing with us... we are always learning new things. :)

The idea behind limiting business use in our terms is simply to protect us from large companies & corporations. We are happy to allow TPT users (& other enterprising new designers) who have created a company for themselves to have a DJ commercial license. As long as you have a small company of 1-3 members (like a sole proprietorship or LLC.), you are perfectly eligible to use a DJ Inker's commercial license. That is just the sort of thing we want our licenses to be used for.

We just ask that you please purchase a license for each user of our art &/or fonts, and do NOT use our art &/or fonts to create business identifying products (such as logos, business websites, business cards, letterheads etc.).

We have updated our commercial license paperwork to reflect this update (clarification) and posted the updates to the terms on the DJ Learning Center as well. We are happy to send you an updated PDF of the DJ commercial license terms if you need one. If you still have questions, or you are still uncertain about whether you qualify, please don't hesitate to contact us: smiles@djinkers.com.

Thanks and smiles to YOU!
-Dianne & crew
Author Alixess Spears