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Can I get my downloads backed-up or shipped to me?

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The best thing about downloading is that you have access to the product immediately.  However... we know that some people prefer a hard copy, or don't have a great internet connection.  SO... we created a DIGITAL BACK UP OPTION.  

For $6 plus shipping... we can burn a CD OR a USB flash drive with (up to) 25 downloads.   This is also great for transporting your clip art between home and school/work.  Please help keep us in business and remember... don't share your DJ purchases with others. 

Just purchase the downloads you want, and add the back up CD/USB product to your cart as well (1 for every 25 downloads).  CD Burns usually ship within 1-2 business days.

If you'd like downloads from previous orders burned to a CD
, simply order the CD/USB by itself.  Then include a note on your order listing the order #(s) containing the downloads you'd like included.  You can also email us with your list or your questions:  smiles@djinkers.com 
Author Alixess Spears