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I want a DJ CD, but I don't have a CD drive!

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Good news... many of our CD's are now available in download format!  DJ CD's and digital collections are certainly the best value for your money.  Let us know if you are looking for something specific, and we'd be happy to recommend a good collection for you. 

If you've previously purchased a CD and would now like the download version... we can offer you a discounted upgrade!  (The older CD titles have been remastered and improved, so we offer 50% off the new download version.  Most DJ CD's purchased after 2010 are the same format, so we can offer you the download links for just $5.  Email smiles@djinkers.com if you'd like to upgrade.)  Click here to learn more...

Please note: ALL download sales are final. When you purchase a download, you will receive an email with a link (or series of links) to click on, download and save to your computer. ("CD's" include a large number of images, so they are broken down into several download links. You may choose to download just 1 format, or both. If you like, you can move all files to 1 folder after they're all downloaded & extracted. Organize your DJ images however it works best for YOU!

You can also back-up the images or fonts by saving them to a flash drive or external drive. Just make sure that they are for YOUR use only... sharing links or files is a copyright violation... & it hurts DJ Inkers as a company, so please play nice. ;)

Remember, download links are only valid for 72 hours from the time of purchase, but we can always refresh your links for you if you need more time. Just contact us with your order number.

If you already have a bunch of CD's (& you still want to use them), another option to consider is buying an external CD/DVD drive for your computer. They're not very expensive & are available online or in electronics stores (ie. Best Buy). Most of them plug into a USB port & are very easy to use.
Author Alixess Spears