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Hooray! We've finally found a good alternative to BROWSERS!!!

We get questions about the old 'Smile File' or 'PC Hug Bug' browsers ALL the time!  Sadly, the technology used to make the Smile File is a bit outdated... and won't support old and new file types and programs. And PC Crafter has discontinued their 'Hug Bug' browser as well. Some of our customers who still have the program files have had success in continuing to use these browsers... but we no longer offer this product OR technical support for it.

BUT... you probably have another option built right into your computer that works very nicely! This option works BEST if you have all of you DJ programs and downloads saved in one place. But you can search multiple locations if needed. (When you install your DJ CD's, that location is the DJ Inkers folder on your C: drive/Local Disk C.)

CLICK HERE for an email we wrote that explains this process with visuals.  ;)  

So... first open your DJ Inkers folder (or wherever you've saved your downloads) on your computer. Look for the 'Search' bar at the top of your window (on Vista it is in the top right corner). Then simply type in what you're looking for. Be less specific if you want several options to choose from.

For example, type: bear... wait a moment or two... and your computer will bring up ALL of the files/images (within that folder) that have the name bear anywhere in the file name!

You can search all of 'MY Documents' or all of your C: drive... or even your whole computer... but this CAN take a little bit longer for it to find everything... plus you'll get some random stuff that may not be DJ Inkers (and may not be applicable). Remember, it will only bring up the files that have that exact word in the file name somewhere.

Some of our REALLY old image have cute names like 'Rex' rather than dog. We've done our best to avoid this on all of our new images so that things are easier for you to find. SO... if you have an image named something like 'Rex' and you want it to come up under your search for dog images... simply right click, choose 'Rename' and type in something that will make it easier for you to find in the future (ie. dji_rexdog_b). Our naming format is usually:
dji_program_filename_b (black & white)
dji_program_filename_c (color)

Easy peasy! :
Author Alixess Spears