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How to INSERT clip art into a document (esp. Word)

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There are 3 different ways to add an image to your clip art projects (blank documents, cards, signs etc.)
Insert, Drag & Drop, or Copy & Paste.

THIS PAGE WILL TEACH THE INSERT METHOD... It may also be worded 'Import' or 'Add' (terminology varies slightly depending on the program you're using). You'll usually find these options in your menu on the top of the screen. Click... & then select "image... /clip art... /graphic" and sometimes "from file" will be your next option.

Next, select the location on your computer that your clip art has been saved to. If you have a DJ CD installed, it will be located on the C: drive (Local disk C)

Then, double-click on the DJ Inkers folder, then dbl-click on the appropriate CD (ie. Critter Craze) or unzipped download folder. Next, dbl-click on the image type folder you need (jpg or png) or Vector for PC and the Raster for MAC. Now you are viewing the different images from that CD.

(TIP: You can view the images as little pictures instead of a list of names. Just click on the 'Views' menu and select 'large icoons' or 'thumbnails.')

Once you select the image you would like, double-click on the image or choose 'Insert'. This will insert the image into your document (it will insert where your cursor is). To move, resize or change the picture on the page, continue...

TO CHANGE THE PICTURE WITHIN THE TEXT: (Use these instructions to layer text on top of your images.) You will need to right click on the image & choose 'Format Picture'

A new window will open, then click on the 'Layout' tab (top center). Then, using the pictures for reference, choose the layout method & area of the page you want your image to go to. When you have decided, click OK. (If you don't like it, just right click, format picture & try a different option.) Choose 'Behind Text' to type on top of your images.

From here you can continue to resize & reposition as needed. You can also use the little green dot on the top of the outline box to rotate the image (your pointer will change to a round arrow). You can follow the same steps to add more pictures.

TO MOVE THE IMAGE: Click & hold your mouse button down on the image, then drag to where you want the image to be, release the click.

TO RESIZE THE IMAGE: Use the corner squares on the outline box (appears when you click on the image) to click, drag & resize (your pointer will change to a resize arrow when you're in the right spot). Be sure to use the corners to resize & keep the image pure... the sides or top & bottom will distort the image.
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