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Created 01/18/38 10:14 PM
Last Modified 11/25/19 03:40 PM
All of the clip art & fonts from DJ Inkers are original artworks and have been copyrighted by Dianne J. Hook. The purchaser (you) of any DJ Inker's products is limited to producing the designs for personal and non-commercial use ONLY!!! If you are interested in selling yourderivative designs (projects made with DJ clip art images &/or fonts) you must purchase a commercial license. Click here for licensing info...

SHARING your DJ CD's or downloads is a copyright violation. DJ Inker's clip art, fonts, and projects are for the use of the purchaser only. Schools may purchase 'Site Licenses' to get a great discount on teachers wishing to use the same program/download.

Without a commercial license, you cannot use any of the designs for business items at all, creating for boutiques, decorating websites, sharing or giving away copies of CD's, books, etc. There are a few exceptions for education... click here for more information if you are a school or teacher.

DJ Inkers products are to be used for personal & educational use only. This includes making projects to keep or give away…cards, fliers, newsletters, school worksheets, etc. Items made with DJ Inkers products may be given as gifts or for personal or educational use. These items cannot be sold or auctioned. DJ CD's & downloads CANNOT be resold or redistributed in ANY way (ie. ebay, Craig's List, personal websites etc.).

Any use of DJ Inkers products for business or profit is prohibited. They are not to be used for: business fliers, signs, newsletters, business cards or business websites. They may be used to promote the sale of DJ Inkers products if the company carries and sells the DJ Inkers line and has been given permission to do so. DJ Inkers does not have an angel policy. See commercial licensing info...

If you are uncertain about any product usage, it is ALWAYS best to contact us so you don't get in trouble. Please call: 1-800-325-4890 or email:

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