DJ Inker's Terms & Conditions

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DJ Inker's Usage Policies
1. Individual clip art images & fonts can NOT be posted for sharing on the internet. (This includes posting them on social media.)  It is also a copyright violation to share DJ Inker's CD's, download links, fonts or clip art. (This includes reselling USED or COPIED disks/downloads.)

If several people in the same school are interested in using a specific DJ CD or download, we offer group discounts! Check-out our 'Site License' article to learn more.

2. You can NOT, under any circumstances, sell projects you made using DJ Inker's products without a commercial license. This is a copyright violation.

Click here for more information on DJ's NEW lifetime commercial license! Purchasing a commercial license will allow you to use our clip art & fonts on all derivative projects that you create and sell. (Plus, you get a discount on ALL DJ purchases with an active license too!)

3. Our images cannot be used for business identifying images/products like logos, business cards, public signage etc. However, we DO offer customized mascot and logo design (that gives you full rights to use the images as you please). Click here to learn more. We are also happy to discuss ideas and offer you a bid for custom projects. Just email us the details ( & we'll get back to you within 2-3 business days.

4. You CAN post FREE projects that you've made using DJ Inkers products as long as you follow these guidelines:
  • Only post your projects on personal or educational websites, blogs & groups.
  • Files MUST be saved & posted in a 'flat' (un-editable) format (.PDF, .jpg, .gif, etc.) if they are available to the general public. (Password protected is also ok.
  • Do NOT post editable files (.doc, .eps, .ai, etc.) unless they are password protected and only given to people you know (students, parents, teacher aides).
  • Please do NOT share images.
  • Somewhere on the project it must clearly state: "Clip art &/or fonts © DJ Inkers."
  • Large businesses & corporations may NOT use our graphics on websites/blogs/marketing in any way. NO mass production allowed. (Our commercial licenses are intended for small home-based businesses, teachers & crafters.)
5. You CAN decorate your personal or school blogs & websites using our products. Just be sure to note on your site: "Clip art/fonts used with permission from DJ Inkers" (& link to if possible). Please protect our images!!! Layer, reduce image quality for web, or add text to the individual images to help prevent them from being copied off of your site.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to email We really appreciate any help in reporting violations to us too. (This keeps us in business.)

Click here for information about our return/exchange policy...
Click here to read our privacy policy...

Bottom line: PLEASE be honest & respectful of our work. Digital piracy is a federal crime. Small businesses like ours depend on your cooperation. Thank you :)
Author Alixess Spears