DJ Reward Points

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With DJ Reward Points... you automatically earn 1 point for every $1 you spend.  Save them up, and save $ on future orders!  Apply 20 reward points to save $1 on your order.  (Points do not expire, and can be applied in any amount.)

To earn reward points, you must register or log-in... and always use the same username to make all of your points count.

When you want to spend your points, just shop for smiles... and when you're ready to check-out, select "Pay with Reward Points" as your payment method.   Next, you will be redirected to choose the amount of points to apply to this order. Your total points, and the amount of points needed to pay for the entire order are shown down near the bottom of the page. You can apply any amount you wish!

If you do not have enough points to pay for everything, you will be redirected to select a payment method for the balance. Note: you cannot use points to pay for tax or shipping.

Please contact us if you have any questions or previous orders to add to your DJ account.  Multiple profiles can easily be combined. 

You can also log-in & view your customer profile to see how many reward points you have at any time.

Please Note:  If you pay with a gift certificate (even if you only pay for part of your order with a gift certificate) you will NOT earn reward points. If you PAY with points... you do not earn points (unless there is a balance that is paid for with another method... you will earn points on that balance).
Author Alixess Spears