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Adding Clip Art to Google Docs

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Adding clip art to Google Docs works just fine! Hooray! :D  Sadly, Google will ONLY allow you to use their fonts on their apps.  :(  So DJ fonts will not work on Google Docs.  :(

2 ways to add clip art:
1. Drag & drop the desired image from your DJ folder (or CD) right onto your document/project. (Click on the image you wish to add directly on the folder/CD & do not release the mouse. Drag your mouse over to your document & then release the mouse where you want the image.)

You can right click and select 'wrap text' once the image is there... and that will allow you to move & resize the image.

2. OR you can use the menu bar: click insert, then image. From here you can drag the image over, or click 'choose an image to upload.' Browse to find the DJ folder/CD you wish to add from, select the image & click open. Ta da!

TIP:  you have more options with google docs when you are using the google chrome browser.
Author Alixess Spears