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How to Download and Extract (Unzip) Files

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The best thing about DJ Inker's digital downloads is that they are available IMMEDIATELY after payment. It's super easy... and you can get creating right away. :) You'll get the links in 2 places: right on your checkout invoice (just click the 'download' button next to each product)... AND in your inbox! (Sent to the email address provided with subject line 'download keys for order#...)

Please note:  ALL download links are good for 72 hours from the time of purchase, but we can easily refresh your links for free any time! Just send us an email with your request and we will reply with a new link. (We check & reply to all emails every business day... so please note our hours, and be sure to check your junk/spam folders.)

If you're NEW to downloads... we HIGHLY recommend that you click here and try a FREEBIE first They work the same way as the downloads you buy... so it's good practice. Plus you'll have some fun new smiles to play with!

HOW TO DOWNLOAD for PC/WINDOWS: The exact process/wording will vary slightly depending on the internet browser & computer you use, but the basic idea is the same.
1) Click the 'download' button on your invoice or the URL from your email.
2) You'll see the product you're downloading on our website with a blue link labeled click here. (If not, contact us for fresh links or to investigate.)
3) When you click your link, a window will pop up for you to 'Save,' or 'Cancel.' You should have the option to select a location for the file to save to (either now, -or- after clicking SAVE. By default it is usually your 'Downloads' folder.) Choose a place on your computer where you can find it again quickly. (ie. a flash drive where you keep ALL of your happy DJ downloads, your 'Documents' folder or desktop). Then click SAVE. Once the file has finished downloading, it is saved to your computer and you no longer need to worry about the link expiration.
4) Go to the folder/drive that you selected to save to on your computer and look for a folder with a zipper on it. This is a 'compressed' or 'zip' file named "DJI_name of download.zip" (They are sent this way for safe, quick downloading to your computer, but please note: you will NOT be able to access/use the contents until the file is 'extracted' or 'unzipped.'

1)Right-click once on the zip file & choose 'Extract All.'
If you don't see that option, look for 'Open With' and choose one of the following options & follow the prompts within that application: Compressed Folders, WinRAR, WinZip, 'Seven Zip' (Windows 7 users).

2) After you click 'Extract All,' a new window will open. From here, it will again ask you where you want the folder on your computer. By default, it will create an opened copy of the zip file in the same location it is saved to. Click browse if you want to change the save location. If not, simply click 'Extract.' (There is a box to check mark if you want to 'Show extracted files when complete.' Leave it checked if you are ready to work with or look at the actual product now.)

Now your file is open and you will be able to access and use the clip art, fonts or printable fun. :) You can delete the 'compressed' (.zip) version of the file to save space if you like. Font folders contain installation instructions. Clip art is best used in a photo or image program, if possible. PDF's and printables can be opened just like a photo... to simply print and go. Look for more tips back in the main DJ Learning Center menu.

Please remember, DJ Inker's products are copyrighted for personal/educational use only... unless you have a Commercial License. Please be respectful of our terms and help keep us in business. We welcome your questions

HOW TO DOWNLOAD for MAC:   Click on the download link from your invoice or email. Follow the 'click here' button on our site... this will open a download folder pop-up. Once the download has finished copying to your download folder, dbl click on the name of the download to open. From here, you can open the desired image/font/activity folders & use them on your creations. :) If you'd like, you can create a 'DJ Inkers' folder somewhere else on your computer & copy/paste all of your DJ Downloads into one place. (Then you can delete the DJ downloads from inside your download folder.)

NOTE: If the download link does not work, try clicking on the 'Show Content First' bubble & try again.

Still having trouble??   Make sure you 'allow pop-ups' from DJ Inkers. (Depending on the browser, the download window may be a small pop-up). You can also try using a different browser to download from. If you need help, please contact smiles@djinkers.com with your order ID#, computer operating system (ie. Windows 10), and which browsers you have tried. We'll make sure you get your purchases as soon as possible. :)
Author Alixess Spears