How to 'DRAG & DROP' clip art onto a project...

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To add a clip art image to a project using DRAG & DROP... first open the program you will be working in (ie. Photoshop, Print Shop, CK, Word etc.) Start a new document/project, or open the one you wish to add clip-art to.

Next, open the location on your computer that your clip art has been saved to. If you have a DJ CD installed, it will be located on the C: drive (Local disk C)

Then, double-click on the DJ Inkers folder, then dbl-click on the appropriate CD (ie. Critter Craze) or unzipped download folder. Next, dbl-click on the image type folder you need (jpg or png) or Vector for PC and the Raster for MAC. Now you are viewing the different images from that CD/download. TIP: You can view the images as thumbnails (little pictures) instead of a list of words. Just click on the 'Views' menu and select 'thumbnails' or 'large icons.'

Once you select the image you would like, click ONCE on the image you want (so it's highlighted)... then you'll HOLD DOWN on the left button of your mouse while you drag the image down to the very bottom of your screen (black or blue bar on windows) where you see the different programs you have open. Pull your mouse over the program window (DON'T LET GO YET!).

When your mouse pointer is over the program you are taking the image into, another window will open... when it does, drag the image up into the blank project or work space in your program and let go of the mouse click. This will place your image.

Now you can re-size and move the image around as needed. See our page on the 'insert method' for further instructions on how to work with the image in Word.
Author Alixess Spears