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How to Install DJ Fonts

* First make sure that you all download files, then UNZIP (extract) each file. (Right click, 'extract all' - follow prompts.  Click here for detailed instructions).

* Select all font file(s) you wish to install.  Hold shift to select multiple.  Font files are open type (.otf) OR true type (.ttf) format. Marked with an ABG (or short font sample) or an O/TT.

WINDOWS - PC users...
* Right click on selected font(s) and choose 'install.'  Confirm/replace existing if prompted.
   -OR- Drag selected fonts from download folder into your open 'Font Settings' or 'Fonts' system folder (C:/Windows/Fonts).
MAC users... 
* Double click selected font(s).  This opens a new window. Click the 'Install Fonts' button and ok to confirm.
   -OR- Drag selected fonts from download folder into your open 'Fonts' system folder (on the hard drive). Click OK to confirm

When DJ fonts are installed correctly, they appear alphabetically (ie. DJ Chunky) in the font choices of any installed program.  If installed fonts do not appear, try closing/restarting the program OR computer.

NOTE: Online based programs/apps like email or Google Docs will NOT display (or allow you to use) installed fonts.

Please email smiles@djinkers.com with any questions, ideas or concerns :)
Author Alixess Spears