Shipping Charges

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Our shipping & handling charges are calculated based on your location and the number of ship-able items ordered.  Don't worry, digital products do NOT affect your shipping charges.

At this point, all of DJ Inker's shippable products are light & flat, so we use USPS priority mail packages... and this helps us keep our shipping rates as low as possible.  We also include a few extra goodies for YOU!  *All rates are subject to change without notice.*

TIMING: Most orders ship within 1-2 business days! All orders are sent USPS Priority Mail... which usually takes 2-3 business days. (Timing on international orders will vary by location, but are also sent USPS priority.)

RATES: CD's are the only DJ products that ship, so our shipping & handling charges are based on the number of CD's in each order.

United States Shipping
1-5 CD's: $8.00
6+ CD's: $15.00

Canada & Mexico Shipping
1-4 CD's: $24.99
5-40 CD's: $46.99
41+ CD's: $61.99

International Shipping
+$20 to regular rates in Canada or Mexico

*International rates may vary greatly. If we can ship for less than the above quote, we will happily contact you and arrange a partial refund or store credit. We also reserve the right to contact you if the above quote does not cover the required shipping needed to arrange collection of additional postage.

NOTE: Florida orders will be charged 6.7% sales tax on all products.
Author Alixess Spears