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System Requirements

What type of computer do I need to use a DJ Inkers CD or download? (What are the system requirements?)

System Requirements: To use a DJ CD or download, you need a computer with: Windows '95 or newer... OR... a Macintosh 6.0.5 or newer. Yes, Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8 are all fine too. :)

You also need to have a 'host program' (a program to create projects or documents with). Click here for a list of possible host programs...

Please Note: not every CD will 'install automatically' on every computer... but you can STILL use your CD by doing a 'manual installation.' (To be able to use a clip art or font CD, all you need to do is copy the clip art &/or fonts from the disk to your computer.) It's easy! Click here to learn how... MAC computers don't use an 'installation process.' Click here to learn how to copy the DJ CD's to your MAC hard drive...
Author Alixess Spears