Viewing clip art as 'Large Icon's or 'Thumbnails' (little pictures

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Is there a way for me to preview the clip art once it is installed or downloaded? (Viewing small pictures instead of file names.) Yes! Depending on your computer, there are several ways to do this.

On Windows Vista/7/8: .png & jpg images will preview easily. Look on the top left corner of your folder menu for the 'Views' button. Click the little arrow next to it & choose 'Large Icons' (or if you like, 'Extra Large Icons.')

However, if you want to view the Vector/wmf format on Windows Vista/7... it takes an extra few steps.
First, you need to be viewing the list of images inside the Vector folder. Right click on an image from the list & choose 'Open With' & then 'Microsoft Office Picture Manager.' This opens a separate window with a large view of the selected image. Then click on the 'View' menu on the top left corner & choose 'Thumbnails' to view little pictures of all of the images in that folder.

Windows 8 users: can choose open with 'Windows Photo Viewer' to preview images easily.

If you are looking for the images that were installed from a DJ CD: go to Start, 'Computer,' then "(C:)" then open the DJ Inkers folder, & finally, open the folder of the CD you wish to view. Open the .png, .jpg or 'Vector' folder to view the images.

If you don't have 'Microsoft Office Picture Manager,' you can download it for FREE!
Click here to visit & download now... Be sure to use the big green download now button (the one above it is an ad). Choose 'Run' & follow the installation instructions. Be sure to 'Allow' in Vista or 7.

If you have Windows 98 - XP: you can view any of our clip art images as "thumbnails" (little pictures) very easily. To do this, you need to be viewing the list of images. Within this window, look at the menu bar on the top right for "View" (it often looks like a little white box with tiny colorful squares inside) and from the drop-down menu, choose: "Thumbnails." Then you should see small pictures of the images. This works for any kind of image on your computer!
Author Alixess Spears